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Taxidermy and Field Care Tips and Tricks

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Taxidermy is a process of skinning, preserving, and mounting vertebrate animals so that they still appear lifelike. Taxidermy is the art of arranging the skin of the hunted animal for display and as a memento of a successful hunting expedition. A taxidermist is a professional who caters to hunters and fishermen. They are extremely familiar with the anatomy, dissection techniques, and sculpture, painting, and, tanning of animal hides. Taxidermists seek to continually maintain their skills to ensure attractive, life-like results. Taxidermy in the latter part of the twentieth century has developed into a full-fledged form of wildlife art. After a successful bear hunt or deer hunt, the hunter would want an attractive rug or shoulder mount as a lasting reminder of the memorable hunt and a tribute to the animal.

Most often hunting expeditions take few days and hundreds of miles away from base and it takes some time to get the hide to the taxidermist. The longer the time the hide takes to get to the taxidermist, the lesser the chance of salvaging it. Field care is of utmost importance to the taxidermist. The quality of your mount or rug depends on the job you do on the field. Hunters need to skin, salt and refrigerate the skin to have a quality bear skin rug or deer shoulder mount.

Grizzly bear life size mount

Hunters who are in the field for a long time should be able to skin their game and take care to prevent hair slipping and deterioration. Skinning requires some fairly straight forward technique.

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