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This is part 1 of a series that features a record book grizzly being hunted by Justin Ott in Bella Coola, British Columbia, Canada. This grizzly bear was ending up scoring 24 13/16" to place it in the all time Boone and Crockett book. The hide squared approximately 9'. In part 1 you share some of the scenery and sign in the area we hunted. If you like my free videos feel free to support to continue this by buying a DVD and Book at

The King Monarch Monster Grizzly of Bella Coola meets his demise in part 2 of Monster Grizzly Hunt. See how the action unfolded for the All Time Boone and Crockett BC Grizzly. Hide squared 9' and skull officially scored 24 13/16" B&C. Killed on May 5 2010. If you enjoy these free videos and wish to support, go to and get a Book and DVD! Stay tuned for part 3 to see the field care, pack out, and final product of the life size mount.

 In Part 3 the field care and taxidermy is shown.

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