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Recipes for your wild game meat.

Hunting can provide additional meat for your kitchen that is both more nutritious and tasty. In addition to being a rich source of protein, B- vitamins and iron, it is also very low in fat content. Game meat has a natural flavor that varies with different species and depends on the natural diet of the animal. Deer meat is mostly described as possessing a deep taste and a tender and supple texture. As beef and pork have different tastes, deer and antelope meat also differ greatly in their tastes.

Hunting provides for healthy organic meats that are far leaner than the meat of domesticated animals. The texture is firmer and the nutritional value is much higher as compared to the meat available in supermarkets, with much less fat content than either pork or beef and a higher protein content. Compare the figures for 100gms of uncooked game and farmed meat yourself in the PDF file: Game Meat Nutrition

Deer meat I butchered then ground into hamburger.

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