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Articles targeted to help you with all aspects of bowhunting, including; sighting, practising, equipment selection.

Bow and arrow hunting has been the preferred hunting method in almost all prehistoric to modern day civilizations, till the advent of hand held firearms. Even today, bowhunting is supposed to be more difficult than firearm hunting because of the physical effort that goes into hunting game. The hunter needs to get real close to the game and use his sheer muscle power to propel the arrow to the game. Different skills are required to hunt with a bow and arrow than those of a rifle hunter.

The gear and equipment for bow hunting would include your bow, arrows, sight, stabilizer, wrist strap, quiver, clothing, hunting gear case etc. You can choose from among stick bows, recurves, compound bows or cross bows. Arrows are also of many types and must be selected with great thought. There are numerous models of sights available with many using fiber optic pins. A stabilizer is meant to help you make a balanced shot. Some types also help to reduce vibration for a smoother and quieter shot. A wrist strap will prevent the bow leaving your hand during the recoil following a shot.

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