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If you are the adventurous type, fond of the outdoors, you could try your hand at big game hunting. It is an exciting sport, with plenty of cross-country traveling on foot or on horseback. Common among the big game animals in North America are moose,elk, deer, buffalo, and bears.

Big game hunting should not to be looked at as just a casual outing into the wilderness to sight see. Some amount of seriousness and planning is necessary due to the risks involved like high altitude, cold weather, exhaustion and fatigue, and attacks from bears and other wild animals.

The economic benefits from hunting are immense. It not only helps conservation, but is also a source that has created over 700,000 jobs across the United States. There are studies, which indicate that the 14 million American hunters spend over 22 billion dollars annually. When economists crunched these figures to access the economic multiplier effects, it was found that hunting had an overall impact upon the US economy to the tune of nearly 61 billion dollars adding approx 1.4 billion to the state tax revenues and nearly 1.7 billion in federal income taxes. It created over 416 billion dollars in household income by way of salaries and wages.

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