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Wool socks are the only socks you should be using while hunting in my opinion. Cotton socks do not provide the proper insulation and when they get wet they are useless and will give you blisters. A common belief that people share is that cotton socks will keep you cooler than wool because of the lighter fabric but I have noticed that wool socks in summer are the better choice because of their insulating value and their water wicking ability. Synthetic socks in my opinion are not the best choice but they are better than cotton for hunting/hiking purposes as they posses some water wicking and insulation value but are not as comfortable and effective as wool in my opinion. I have tried a number of wool socks and synthetic blend socks over the years and have decided to review them from my favorite to my least favorite:

The Best: Browning Merino Wool socks on the far right of the picture.

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The Browning socks are by far the most comfortable socks I have ever worn, the merino wool is so soft and they work great in hot to cold conditions. I use them from early season alpine hunting in September to cold November late season hunts. I have used them for 6 seasons and they are finally showing wear on the bottoms but the stitching has not broke. These were worth the $26 CDN a pair I paid if you can believe it.

The next best are Ice Breaker Merino Wool socks,3rd from the left in the picture. They are a little lighter weight wool. I bought them for warmer adventures. They are a great sock and offer great comfort. No complaints. Merino wool is expensive but it is the best. These socks hold up good during hard hikes and protect your feet from blistering.

Woolrich socks are a merino wool blend with mostly synthetic material used. They are the cheapest socks I have bought so I thought I would give them a try. All of them wore out on the top of my big toe so I sent them back. The company was extremely generous giving me 3 new pairs of a their higher quality merino wool socks but again these socks got holes above my big toe after one use. So the lesson is pay more get better quality to ensure your feet feel great inside your hunting boots.

Posted September 26, 2014 by Justin Ott

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