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Wolf Hunting and Trapping

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Wolf Hunting and Trapping

Life size wolf mountWolf hunting is permitted in several countries around the globe in specific states and regions. Wolves are extremely smart animals and it can be quite a challenge to hunt these wily predators. If you are an avid hunter wanting to hunt wolf you need the right weapon, license, and tags before you can embark on a wolf hunting and trapping adventure.

Wolves are usually hunted for sport, population management, or when they become a danger for livestock or humans. In olden days, wolf hunts were reserved only for the aristocracy, but nowadays you only need the required permits to hunt or trap wolves. You can then trap or hunt wolves depending on your requirements. Several states have wolf hunting seasons that will allow you to shoot wolves.

Here are some factors to consider while hunting and trapping wolves.

Wear appropriate hunting clothes

WolfHunting wolves requires patience and really warm clothes. You can opt for merino wool or Under Armor base layers, wool or fleece pants & sweater, and a water proof outer layer. You need to select camouflage patterns that can allow you to merge with the surroundings that prevent the wolves from identifying your presence from afar.

In addition, you will also need a face mask and gloves that also sport a camouflage design. Several stores offer jackets, hoodies, and pants in 3D camouflage designs that will almost transform you into an invisible hunter in the woods.

Call the wolf towards you

Rather than trying to track an elusive wolf over large territory, you can use a wolf call to trick the wolf towards your hiding place. There are several wolf calls that mimic the sound of an elf or rabbit in its dying stages. These calls will certainly attract wolves towards you and you can take down the wolf without trekking aimlessly through mountains and woods.

You can use reed calls that are offered in open and closed type models. Closed reeds are quite easy to use, but can only give out a limited range of calls. Open reeds are a bit difficult to use, but will allow you to give out a call in varying pitches that seem much more natural.

Some states also allow the use of electronic calls that can emit a wide range of calls for hunting different animals. These devices possess speakers and can be activated with a push of a button. You can also opt for wolf calls that emit the sound of howling wolves or can also do the same without using any type of call. You just might be able to attract a curious wolf with your enthusiastic howling. You must remember that you may need to call for around 10 to 30 minutes or more at regular intervals before witnessing a curious wolf walk towards you.

Carry other crucial accessories for wolf hunting

You will also need to carry several crucial accessories such as a set of powerful binoculars. Since you may need to remain hidden for several hours before sighting a wolf, you will also need a sturdy bi-pod or even a set of shooting stix. This accessory will prevent your arms from getting tired as well as provide a steady shot when you get a wolf in your sights. You must ensure that you choose a bipod that has extendable legs and which can pivot for better stability on uneven ground.

If legal in your area, you can opt for wolf bait that will help you hunt or trap wolves. These baits can be in the form of meat or even in the form of attractants that are available in bottles. These baits will lure wolves towards a chosen area where you can trap them or get a clear shot.

A powerful rifle is a must

If you plan to hunt a wolf then a powerful and reliable rifle is a must. I recommend a .223 or larger caliber as you want a fast flat shooting round. Wolves can be elusive which might make you have to take a long shot. You may never get another shot at the same wolf in case you miss the first time around. A Colt AR15 makes for a good choice as a weapon since it is rugged, reliable, and precise, and also allows fitment of a variety of accessories such as scopes that let you attempt long-distance shots.

You can opt for a larger bore rifle, but should understand that it may be quite heavy and will produce higher levels of recoil. The Colt AR15 may only be a .223 bore rifle, but is good enough for a 450 yard shot. A single shot can easily bring down a wolf if it hits the right spot.

Wolf Traps

There are a wide range of wolf traps available if you plan to trap wolves. These metal traps contain heavy duty springs and different number of jaws to hold the wolf in place once it clamps down. You should ensure that your chosen trap features a heavy and strong chain since wolves have immense pulling power. Traps with offset jaws and 3/16 proof coil chain with welded J hooks and w/3 swivel points are usually good enough to hold a wolf or even a mountain lion, provided it is legal to do so in that area.

Positioning yourself for that unforgettable shot

You also need to hide at an ideal location to make sure the wolf does not see or smell you before coming within shooting range. You need to be downwind from the expected entry of the wolf and should have a clear shot over a long distance. If possible, move to higher terrain and chose a spot that provides sufficient camouflage. You must also ensure the sun does not glint off your rifle scope or binoculars.

You need to be patient enough to let a wolf come well within your shooting range before you take a shot. This move will help you in case you miss your first shot, you will still have time to shoot again before the wolf moves out of range. However, if the wolf gets too close, it may just as likely spot you or pick up your scent. A little trial and error as well as practice will help you find that ideal range to hunt a wolf.

This is what Hunting Tips and Tricks member Randy Engh has to say about Wolf hunting:

Most wolf encounters will be unexpected, this is because they travel and hunt in packs of a half dozen to two dozen, and with their combined ability to survey whats around them, they will most likely have seen you before you see them. This gives them the advantage, as they will have already made their choice before you see them, to flee from the human encounter, or alternately investigate, especially if there is scent from the remains of a recent kill, or the moose or deer you are field dressing at that moment. Make no mistake with wolves, although they are extremely reclusive, in the right conditions of lack of food and hunger, they certainly will approach with the intention of attacking and eating. It's their generations of negative human encounters that probably greatly reduce their interest in you, but they certainly do like moose meat!They are masters of deception, using such tactics as having one wolf stare you down while the others circle around to come in from behind. Always keep your loaded rifle ready to defend your self from wolves as well as other predators when you are field dressing your game. Wolves will answer a human "wolf call" attempt, even though it is believed that they are aware that the call isn't genuine, but it gets their curiosity, perhaps enough to bring them within shooting range. After a number of wolf calls back and forth with them, you can be sure that an approaching wolf pack is definately one of the most hair raising adrenaline experiences you will ever have. Good luck and be safe!

Wolf hunting and trapping are exciting activities that can be pursued in several countries and states. The above pointers should help you prepare to hunt or trap a wolf and will certainly provide an unforgettable experience that will last a lifetime.

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