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People have hunted wild boars or wild pigs for thousands of years and these boars have not only provided food on the table but during medieval times, wealthy people used to go wild boar hunting as a means of entertainment and used to mount boars as trophies to celebrate a successful hunt. The tradition has still continued and there are many states in the US, where one can still hunt these wild animals. There are a number of ways in which you can hunt these quick-footed animals and a number of ways in which you can stalk them.

You will need to check out the Fish and Game Department in the state in which you want to hunt. You can also join a hunting club or association, which could help you in procuring the licenses required for the hunt. You will have to observe the rules specified by the department and check out the limit of hunting allowed. You can choose to either hunt with a rifle or you could even use a bow and arrow, just like our ancestors might have once hunted. Practice using your weapon of choice before heading into the woods. If you are using a rifle then you could use a .30 caliber rifle, with a scope. Any rifle or bow and arrow, which you choose should be within the legal requirements of the state laws. In case you are using a bow and arrow, then have a friend or family member accompany you with a rifle or a shotgun, because if you do not manage to kill the boar with the first shot itself, the boar could charge you and its high speed and sharp teeth will not give you sufficient time to draw your bow again.

If you are hunting for the first time then you could use a box blind, which is basically a small box that is fitted with windows on all 4 sides and is mounted 5 to 12 feet above the ground. This way, you can safely sit inside the box and once you have bait such as sponges dabbed in the scent of a sow in heat. All you have to do is to wait for the boar to turn up in your line of fire. As you gain experience, you can venture outside the box and try to stalk the wild boar. Your clothing should offer you safety from mosquitoes or other small insects in the woods. Your clothes or shoes should not make any noise when you are moving, since wild boars have an acute hearing and could run off even before you blink your eyes. You should either hunt early in the morning or late in the evenings since this is the time when boars come back to their dwellings. You should watch for wild boar droppings and its condition, which will indicate to the time and presence of a wild boar. If you do see a sow, then wait for some time since a boar would normally be following her. When you do see the boar, wait for a clear shot. Aim behind the shoulder region for a quick kill. In case you are using a bow and arrow then wait for a few minutes after the boar is down since upon reaching it you might find out the hard way that it still had some fighting strength left within. You can also use your knife to complete the job. Once you have completed your hunt successfully, you can take the boar to any local meat processor or butcher and get your hunt converted into tasty sausages, bacon or steaks. You could also get the head of the boar stuffed and you could mount it in a prominent place in your home.

Wild boar hunting is an adrenaline pumping sport and is not very costly to pursue. It offers hours of entertainment while you track the boar down and the biggest advantage is that your reward also tastes great so be sure to check out these great wild boar recipes.

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