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Whisker Biscuit
Whisker Biscuit

When you are serious about bow hunting, you realize that you need to setup your bow to be fail safe and operate with as much simplicity as
possible. A drop away rest has it's place but I personally prefer the
simple design and function of a whisker biscuit rest for hunting in the
wilderness. You may get a tiny bit more accuracy and FPS with a drop
away rest but I would gladly sacrifice that for a design without moving
parts. When you put your arrow in a Whisker Biscuit it is not going to
fall out of the rest even if you are moving your bow around while you
stalk your prey. I noticed early on in my hunting days when I used a
drop away rest the arrow would fall off the rest while I was stalking an
animal or even when drawing back for a shot. I realized there are enough
variables in hunting, let alone bow hunting. So I try to control and
mitigate them as best I can. I have used a whisker biscuit more around 7
years now at the time of writing this. I have harvested a number of big
game animals with it. I even fell while hiking along a side of a
mountain and bent the Whisker Biscuit. After a quick fix at the local
archery shop it was good to go again. I have shot thousands of arrows
through it and the Whiskers have not worn out yet. It is relatively
inexpensive, long lasting, durable, accurate, and fail safe. After years of use you can see the biscuit is still in great shape, I might want to change out those rusty screws sometime though.


Posted September 01, 2013 by Justin Ott

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