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Once your trophy big game animal is down, remember to take a few extra minutes to ensure you make a memorable picture that you can have for many years to share with friends and family.

For the picture frame on the mantle, these tips will help you create a special picture.

No blood, guts or tongues hanging out

A simple task that a lot of hunters overlook when taking there trophy pictures. Take the picture before any gutting or skinning has started. Look around the area, is there any visible blood on the ground or snow? Secondly, if the animal has a large wound you can rub some leaves, needles, and moss to clean it and hide the damage. Remember to close the mouth so that tongue is not hanging out.

How to Display the Animal

There are many different ways to do this. For deer, a broadside picture with the head facing the side of towards the camera is nice. Moose pictures work well when they are head on. Elk pictures seem to turn out best from the side, it displays their magnificent racks impressively. Try to have the legs tucked under the body. It looks a lot better than having stiff legs poking out. You can try to put the deer head in front of a sky backdrop to create an emphasis on the antlers.

Bear pictures look good from the side or front. Some people sit behind the bears to make them appear larger. Propping a stump or a stick under the head to lift it up is a popular choice, just try to keep it natural as possible.

Where the Hunter Should Be

If you want to emphasize the animal, you would be best off sitting behind the animal. You can have your bow or rifle in front if you like but I personally think pictures with just the hunter and animal look best. The hunter can hold up the head and antlers best from behind.

Remember, these are only suggestions to help you enjoy your memories!!

Take a few moments to create a wonderful picture memory for life.

Posted November 30, -1 by Justin Ott

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