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Treestands used for hunting are of many types and include tripod stands, climbing stands, fixed/hang-on stands and ladder stands. The hunter uses a tree stand to elevate himself above the visual plane of an animal's view to avoid alarming it. Each type of tree stand has its own advantages. Hunting white tailed deer from a treestand is a very popular method.

A climbing stand is convenient to carry from one place to another while the hunter moves about in the forest. It can be folded as a backpack, is lightweight with a strong aluminum frame and comes in two separate pieces usually referred to as the seat part or climber and the platform. The climber is the upper part and the platform is the lower part. Attaching the platform to the tree the hunter stands on it and lifts the climber or upper part as high as possible and attaches it to the tree. Then supporting his weight on the climber he lifts the platform with his feet folding his knees as high as he comfortably can and re- attaches it to the tree. Repeating these actions he is able to gradually climb higher on the tree to reach a good hunting perch. For climbing down, the same actions are repeated in reverse order. The climber has a secure arrangement allowing the hunter to sit on a padded comfortable seat surrounded by a security bar, which also serves as a gun rest. If the hunter needs to change his position on the tree while being in the treestand, he can do it by sitting on the bar and first using his feet to move the platform up/down and then stand on it and move the climber up/down to shift to the desired height on the tree

A hang-on type tree stand is a fixed treestand somewhat similar in design to the climber type. It is used in conjunction with hang-on climbing aids like bucksteps or climbing sticks that remain fixed to the tree to allow the hunter to reach the treestand. It does not offer any flexibility of changing its position on the tree while the hunter is in the treestand and remains in the same position at which it was initially fixed. It is a single-piece equipment with a seat fixed on vertical supports attached to a platform. There is no surrounding bar for added security shielding the hunter from a fall (or to act as a gun rest) and the hunter relies on the safety harness attachment he uses. It however caters to greater hunter maneuverability in the treestand.

A ladder type treestand is a strong metal ladder with a platform, a comfortable padded seat and an attachment system to secure it to the tree against which it rests. Reaching up to a height of about 16 to 18 feet it is designed to accommodate one/two hunters. A tripod treestand is a standalone unit with a platform and full circle swiveling seat and gun rest at the top. It can be set up at any convenient spot allowing the hunter in the seat to pivot 360 degrees to face any view.

Ladder stands are most suitable for those hunters who either own large property or have access to hunting locations where they can conveniently leave these contraptions to remain undisturbed all through the hunting season. Hang on stands are also best for use in similarly secure places. Climbing stands are suitable for places where the hunter has to quickly move from one location to the other with the stand and needs to carry it back with him to the campsite or home at the end of each hunting day. Using a tree stand allows the hunter an accurate shot at his quarry from close quarters.

Good treestand brand names include Allen, Summit, Ameristep, Gorilla, Treewalker, Remington, API, Big Game, Timbertall, Lone Wolf, and Loggy Bayou among many others. Each manufacturer has a range of models to choose from each different type of tree stand mentioned above which are designed and priced to suit diverse preferences of different hunters. Some examples of good models would be the Summit Viper SS, the API Grand Slam Bow Hunter, The Ameristep Hitman, the Timbertall Babylight, the Lone Wolf Alpha Hand Climber and the Summit Goliath.

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