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Taking a multi vitamin is very important to your all around health and immune system especially if you are going on excruiciating back pack hunts that constantly test you.

I myself take the Sportsmans Edge Multi Vitamin year round on a regular basis as it claims to strengthen your immunities, increase vision, concentration, hearing, controll your scent, and lessen your chances of altitude sickness.

Justin Ott shown after a tough climb

A pic of me on a tough alpine hunt.

I notice a resistance to colds and sickness when taking the multi vitamin. I cannot gauge the hearing, vision, and scent claims, but I do not doubt I have increased awareness. 2 hunting doctors produced the vitamins using high percentage doses of vitamins and adding ginko biloba among other things to increase your performance.

I think as hunters we have to take every advantage we can, so using a vitamin that cuts scent, increases immunities, and awareness is a good enough reason for me to use them. Not to mention the health benefits.

Taking a multi vitamin when hunting high elevations like this trip definately helps. I found the best deal for purchasing sportsman edge vitamins is at the Explore Products online store.

Posted November 30, -1 by Justin Ott

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