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Sitka Clothing

Sitka gear patternWhen you are out there in the woods stalking a black bear or hunting waterfowl, the last thing you need is apparel that is extremely uncomfortable or restricts your movements or itches at the most inappropriate places. What you need is hunting apparel and accessories from Sitka Gear, an established name with a philosophy of “Turning Clothing into Gear”.

Company History and Technological Innovations

Sitka Gear was established in 2005 after a group of avid hunters realized there was a need for hunting apparel that was tough-yet-comfortable and functional-yet-stylish at the same time. They went to the drawing board to design hunting apparel for matching hunting activities. They adapted the latest in technology to create garments that sported different layers to ensure comfort and protection from the elements.

The company uses patented and trademarked materials such as GORE-TEX fabrics that allow sweat vapor to evaporate through the membrane while preventing rain, sleet, and snow from passing through. Another innovative material used by Sitka is the WINDSTOPPER membrane that protects hunters from chilly winds while preventing the body from overheating thanks to its design that allows perspiration to escape.

Their PRIMALOFT insulation material keeps hunters safe from bone-chilling cold. These insulating fibers are breathable, and being ultra-fine by design result in products with less bulk and higher efficiency.

Sitka clothing manufactures several products such as jackets, vests, base layers, hoodies, and pants. They also manufacture hunting accessories such as packs, bags, gloves, caps, beanies, face masks, balaclavas, gaiters, suspenders, knee pads, and many others. A few of their 2013 lineup clothing and accessories are described in brief below.

Next to Skin Clothing

The Sitka core base layer series consists of various products that can keep hunters warm or cool depending on their needs. One product that can keep you cool during hot-weather hunting is the Core Crew SS from Sitka. This core garment uses 4-way stretch fabric that uses 100 percent polyester bi-component technology. This garment also features silver-encapsulated technology that kills odor-causing bacteria on your body to make sure your prey does not catch your scent.

Similarly, the Merino Bottom can help regulate your body temperature by moving moisture away from your skin while being odor resistant at the same time. This garment has excellent warmth to weight ratio to ensure high comfort levels during a hunt.

Jackets and Vests

Sitka Gear also offers a wide range of breathable jackets and vests. Their Ascent Jacket expels heat and sweat vapor from the body to keep you cool during stalking. The 4-way stretch polyester fabric allows maximum movement and is highly resistant to abrasions. The jacket offers two pockets for your hands and one chest pocket for maximum convenience.

Another excellent product is the Sitka Jetstream Lite Vest that protects you from heat as well as high winds. The Jetstream uses the GORE WINDSTOPPER Softshell fabric that is 100 percent windproof.


As for bags, why not check out the Sitka Flash 20 bag that provides 2000 cubic inch of volume. This bag can easily carry weapons, snacks, and water along with a small bivy. The bag features a detachable rain-fly system, oversized stretched mesh pockets, and accessory straps for easy adaptability.

Whenever you want to be virtually invisible, comfortable, and safe while hunting big or small game, Sitka Gear offers some of the best hunting apparel and accessories. The only downside is the gear is incredibly expensive.

Visit or contact a reliable dealer to browse and buy Sitka products that can turn each hunt into a memorable one.

Posted September 27, 2014 by Justin Ott

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