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Randy Ulmer

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Randy Ulmer

Dr. Randy Ulmer is a passionate hunter and has won several archery awards. He has earned admiration and respect from the North American hunting community, and has been inducted in the 1999 Bow Hunter’s Hall of Fame.

Randy began his hunting adventure around 30 years ago when his brother Rusty gave him a bow and took him hunting. Randy and Rusty purchased 12 Easton aluminum arrows in the summer and practiced so hard that the arrow shafts lost their anodizing. Over time Randy polished his hunting skills as he brought down one game after the other.

In addition, he began winning several archery awards including winning the ASA, IBO, and NABH Men’s Professional World Title twice, and the FITA World title once. Furthermore, he won the VEGAS and NFAA National indoor titles.

Randy Ulmer also won the Arizona Wildlife Federation Annual Award twice for killing the largest elk (any weapon) in the state. He holds the record for killing the largest elk (archery) in Nevada during the year 2003. Randy has also been awarded the NRA Leather Stocking Award.

Randy Ulmer attended the Oregon State University and received his Doctorate from Washington State University. Apart from being an excellent hunter, Randy is also a writer and well-known TV personality. He writes regularly for publications such as Bowhunter Magazine and Peterson’s Bowhunting.

Dr. Randy Ulmer is married to Tammy and has two sons, Jacob and Levi. He currently lives in Arizona and the entire family loves to hunt and hike. In fact, his wife Tammy too has taken down huge rams and other game whilst hunting together with Randy. Randy is also an avid athlete and loves to compete in mountain marathons, mountain biking, adventure racing, etc.

Randy believes that hunters must use different release aids based on their applications. He advocates the use of the back tension release in indoor shooting. Similarly, he advocates the use of the thumb release aid during outdoor target shooting, especially if conditions are windy. For hunting, he prefers the Index finger trigger release. Randy believes that there are several individual components that need to come together as one for a good shot.

Dr. Randy Ulmer has become an inspiration for many hunters that respect the hard efforts put in by this passionate hunter, who rose from a modest background to heights of glory. Hunters interested in learning more about Randy can visit his website at where they can learn all about this charismatic hunter including his favorite hunting gear and his sponsors while also viewing hunting photos at the site.


Posted August 27, 2013 by Justin Ott

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