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We all know the importance of footwear especially when hunting. Something we might not be as well versed in is caring for are hunting boots. I typically used Nik Wax to treat my boots and keep them waterproof but recently Obenauf's leather preservatives sent me some product to field test. I was really impressed on how the Heavy Duty LP protected the leather to keep it supple and waterproof. I use the LP on my hunting boots now before and after each hunting trip. My boots are old now but they seem to be holding up just fine with the proper care and treatment. I would suggest using Heavy Duty LP on your hunting boots, and work boots. If you have leather shoes or other leather products I would just use their Leather Oil. Both are natural products. If you have Kenetrek boots or another type of boot that has a rubber liner, I would avoid rubbing LP or Leather Oil on the rubber liners of your boots to prevent seperation.

Here is a video I made that shows me using the products mentioned above on my hunting boots:

Posted November 30, -1 by Justin Ott

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