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Having a comfortable and proper sleeping bag is of the utmost importance, especially if embarking on a high country adventure where you can face all types of adverse conditions such as; rain, snow, sleet, hail in the earlyMontbell sleeping bag fall.

I really like synthetic bags as they are not rendered useless as soon as they get wet like down bags which are incredibly light but not suited for wet weather. Synthetic fill bags still have insulation value when wet. Mont-bell uses EXCELOFT® insulation which absorbs less than 1 percent moisture when wet. That’s why synthetic bags keep you warmer when your bag gets wet, damp, moist and all of the above. Mont-bell bags use a lightweight durable high-density nylon taffeta. Another benefit is the DWR treatment to help with water repelling.

The comfort of a Mont-bell is due to their “super stretch system” which allows a room to move while sawing logs at night. I didn’t know how much this system would be of benefit until I tried it. When I was out hunting late I always looked forward to getting tucked into my warm and comfy bag. The mont-bell bag felt so soft and welcoming. They use an auto locking zipper which reduces unzipping during the night and an adjustable foot compartment to give your feet room or keep them tight to get warm.

I hunt in cold conditions so I purchased 0 F / -18 C bag which is extremely warm. I don’t suggest using this rating of bag unless you are in below freezing conditions as you will have to open the bag to cool off. I was sleeping with only boxer shorts in -10C weather and stayed extremely warm while my hunting partner was freezing wearing all his clothes in a less quality rated bag.

Weighing in at 4.5 lbs it’s a great cold weather bag, as you definitely can find lighter bags for nicer weather.

Here are some specifications on the ss burrow bag:

·  Height of person: 5 ft. 10 in.

·  Inside Shoulder Girth: 53.2”–70.9”

·  Inside Knee Girth: 42.8”–57.1”

·  Stuffed Size: 9” x 18.2”

·  Size: R/ZIP/ L/ZIP

Posted September 26, 2014 by Justin Ott

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