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Minox optics

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Minox optics

Minox optics is an established name in the world of optics. The company started out with manufacturing subminiature cameras before expanding into making 35 mm compact cameras that sold in millions between 1974 and 2004. The company currently has several other products in its portfolio such as binoculars, riflescopes, spotting scopes, trail cameras, monoculars, minoscopes, and many more.

Minox – Company History

While the very first subminiature camera from Minox was envisioned in 1922, the first camera to actually sport those miniscule dimensions was produced in 1936 by its inventor and designer Walter Zapp. The company made great strides after World War II and their cameras became synonymous with high quality and luxury. The initial Minox Camera also became famous as a spy camera. Several Minox models such as the GT-5 and GT-E won the hearts of novice and expert photographers alike thanks to its unique design and ease of operation. Minox was taken over by another optical giant Leica Camera AG in 1996. However, by 2005 Minox GmbH became a totally separate entity from Leica.

Minox – Product Range

Minox currently offers a wide range of optical products such as riflescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, night vision scopes, miniscopes, monoculars, and surveillance cameras to eager customers all around the globe.

Riflescopes offered by Minox optics possess cutting-edge features such as mono-tube construction and are made from aircraft grade anodized aluminum that ensures light weight and durability. They are available in various lines that include the ZE, ZA, and ZV Lines.

Minox also offers a wide range of Binoculars with features such as a 21 layer M-Coating and Minobright reflective coating that contains Silver. There are several models available in different lines including the APO HG Line, HG, BL, BV, and BD Lines. The company also offers Pocket Sized Binoculars through the BF Line.

Minox offers various types of lightweight and robust Spotting Scopes with high magnification range from 16x right up to 30x. These scopes may be compact, but they deliver crystal-clear images thanks to their patented multilayer M coating on the lens. These Spotting Scopes are available in models that include the MD 50, MD 50 W, MD 62, MD 62 ED, MD 62, W, and MD 62 W ED.

Spotting a target at night is no problem with Minox Night Vision products that include the Minox NV 351 and the NVD Mini. These products feature a light-amplifying illuminator to deliver clear images in the dark at a range of up to 70 meters.

The company also offers Surveillance Cameras that are now offered in camouflaged finishes to merge in with natural surroundings. These products are available indifferent models such as the DTC 1000 and DTC 600 Trail Cameras, and the DTC 600Surveillance Cameras.

Minoscopes from Minox include the MS 8x25 that is available in Black and Silver Editions. These possess several unique features such as 25 mm multi-layer lens and Porro prisms to deliver bright and sharp images.

Minox also manufactures Monoculars that are stylish and practical telescopes for outdoor and indoor use. They are available in several models such as the MD 6 x 16 / 8 x 16, MD 6 x 16 A, and the MD 7 x 42 C.

Minox offers a complete no-fault Lifetime Total Coverage Warranty on all its optical products that includes repairs or replacement of the product by the company without asking any questions. The company also offers several optical accessories and services such as Cleaning Sets, 8 x 11 Lab Services, and Repair Services.

Minox optics has a rich tradition of producing high-quality optical products that are appreciated by hunters and avid sportsmen in the USA, Canada, Germany, and several other countries. The company continues to bring out innovative products that are tough and durable.


Posted April 08, 2014 by Justin Ott

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