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If someone had to name the hunting greats in the world, Mike Eastman is one name that would be in the top five for sure. Who is Mike Eastman? Well, apart from being one of the most respected hunters in the world, he is also the initiator for the establishment of the hunting film industry, having credited with successful TV shows like Eastmans’ Hunting TV on The Outdoor Channel. And who can forget the books and the articles that he has penned for the sheer reading pleasure of hunting enthusiasts all over the world. Lets face it. What else can you expect from the son of legendary wildlife enthusiast Gordon Eastman. Like his father, Mike too, took an instant liking towards the wildlife at a very early age. His work on trophy mule deer and the elk is quite appreciated by the hunting world. All thanks to his best-selling books and other related achievements such as setting up 2 original hunting magazines. His own slot on a television show is simply the icing on the cake. He is often looked upon as a visionary for wildlife and everything else that it stands for. The work that he has done mainly includes hunting big game fair chase.

Fifty years is a lot of time and Mike has utilized all the time he had for getting the experience, for which he is rightly known as a living legend among hunters. He is a fifth generation hunter and he learnt everything that he could from his father, Gordon Eastman, when he used to accompany him during many of his hunting trails. Mike Eastman was hardly 18 years of age, when he became a guide in the Wyoming Gros Ventre Wilderness, where he helped hunters find their way for their hunt. He then assumed the role of an outfitter, a wildlife photographer, hunter and an adventurer at the age of 25 years. By this time, he had familiarized himself with the areas of Canadian wilderness and other states in the West. It is all due to his experience and knowledge about the wild that he was successful to lay a strong foundation for the Eastmans’ Hunting Journal, Eastmans’ Hunting TV series and of course Eastmans’ Bowhunting Journal. Eastmans’ Hunting TV truly set up a benchmark for hunting shows, that would soon follow in the near future.

Mike was the creator of the Eastmans’ Hunting Journal, which he started off in the year 1987. This sort of, encouraged him to pursue writing, which led to publish Eastman’s Bowhunting Journal for avid bow hunters around the world. As of today, these two magazines enjoy the reputation of over 160,000 readers, which truly is a feat. It is all because of Mike Eastman’s role as a co-host and the producer that the Eastmans’ Hunting TV has completed its successful run on The Outdoor Channel for seven years. His experience about wildlife and the hunting techniques have paid off big, when his book “Hunting High Country Mule Deer” was acclaimed as a bestseller. This book paved the way for another bestseller, “Elk Hunting the West The Eastman Way” in 2003. Fifty years of experience has enabled Mike Eastman to edit, host and even produce a video library that consists of 21 video titles that successfully define the entire experience of hunting that a hunter, whether amateur or professional, is likely to face in the wilderness. He has clearly stated that a fair chase is the way to go, inspiring hunters all over, for claiming that coveted trophy big game.

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