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Limb Saver Products

Limbsaver is a well-known company in the USA that manufactures a huge variety of bows, arrows, quivers, and crossbows. The company also produces an exhaustive range of archery accessories along with other consumer products. Limb Saver products have proven themselves to be affordable and reliable.

Company History

Limbsaver was established in 1999 by Steven Sims who actually offered the Limbsaver line of hunting products to avid hunters and sportsmen. These products are offered by various associate companies including Sims Vibration Laboratory and Steven Sims, Inc. Steven Sims continues to focus a lot on innovative research in order to introduce revolutionary products into the market. The company uses state-of-the-art equipment to test all their hunting and archery products as well as conduct gruelling field tests to ensure that they operate without problems in real-life conditions. The company is located in Shelton, Washington.

The company also uses pioneering testing procedures to help them improve their products. For instance, rather than using hand-held meters to measure sound, they utilize digital oscilloscopes to collect sound and vibration data for precise measurements.

Limb Saver has tied up with various hunting and fishing companies as well as several well-known hunting personalities such as Jim Shockey to conduct tours including eco-tours for avid hunters and nature-lovers. These global tours allow enthusiasts to travel to different locations around the globe and experience the wild with the help of expert guides.

Limb Saver Products

Limb Saver offers a huge variety of products including their iconic Limbsaver line of compound bows. These include the Proton, DeadZone DZ-30, DZ-32 and DZ-36, and the SpeedZone SZ-34. These bows offer high levels of accuracy and arrow speeds of up to 350 fps.

The company also offers Bow Silencers that include LimbSaver models such as UltraMax, Color, SuperQuad, AlphaShox, Recurve, and Mini LimbSavers along with Leech models that include the EverLast String, Color, Super String, and Cable Leech.

Avid hunting enthusiasts can also choose from several stabilizers by Limbsaver such as the Windjammer, S-Coil, Modular, and Elite. The company also offers Bow Sights, Combo Packs, Arrow Rests, Quivers, and Cable Guard Accessories. Limb Saver offers innovative String Decelerators that use innovative break-away technology that allows the string to decelerate at a lower rate which in turn helps deaden the bow without any decrease in accuracy. The company offers various Crossbow products such as the Kodiak-Lite Crossbow/Firearm Sling, Crossbow Conditioning Kit, Rail Lube, and Silencing System, among others.

Limb Saver offers accessories for firearms too with products such as Recoil Pads, Pro Handgun Grips, Dead Center Shotgun Sights, EcoSafe Gun Oil, SW Tactical Sling, etc. The company additionally makes accessories for Weed Trimmers and Metal Detectors such as Slings, Grip-Wrap Isolators, and Shaft Dampeners. Furthermore, the company offers protective clothing as well as hunting DVDs that allow viewers to watch Steven Sims hunt Moose, Black Bear, Caribou, and other game.

Limbsaver has a large dealer network and their products are also available online at select stores. The company continues to introduce innovative products that cause ripples in the hunting and sporting industry. Limb Saver products have long been associated with high quality and ingenuity. The company strives hard to offer affordable and innovative solutions to problems faced by avid hunters and sports people alike.

Posted December 11, 2013 by Justin Ott

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