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Leupold Gold Ring compact spotting scopeI never realized the value that a spotting scope has until I finally broke down and bought one. Focusing in on those peculiar objects from afar, while up in the alpine saved me a lot of walking, and really helped with field judging trophy caliber animals.

When researching different brands and types of spotting scopes I had these criteria in mind:
• Light, tough, and waterproof
• Quality optics
• Good Warranty

Let me tell you that the Leupold Gold Ring Compact spotting scopes are just that. I decided on the 15-13x50mm size. It was light enough to pack up into the alpine weighing only 21.5 oz. but still had enough power to leupold spotting scopeprovide clarity on far away objects. I definitely recommend the Leupold Gold Ring brand. I would suggest finding out what types of uses you would need a spotting scope for in order to help you decide what size and power spotting scope you need. I found the scope to provide a crisp clear picture even at distances over 1000 yards. The adjustments are fairly straightforward and the scope comes with a tough rubberized coating. The scope is 11” in length and the field of view at 15 power is 136’ while the field of view at 30 power is 89’.

Remember to pick up a tripod because without a stable spotting scope you will not get a good image without shaking. 


Posted November 21, 2015 by Justin Ott

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