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Leica Range Finder

I bought a Leica CRF 900 Range master a few years ago after my Bushnell
rangefinder was stolen out of my storage locker. I purchased the Leica Rangemaster from Camera Land NY . I was immediately impressed. With an actual ability to range objects out to 825 meters and a fast acting display, this was the best range finder I have ever used. The 2 different Bushnell models I used were not able to
get ranges at their advertised distances so I was very surprised when the Leica could. Not only that, the Leica CRF 900 was very fast for getting reads. With other models I noticed I would have to hold down the
button and wait. The Leica spits out your distance instantly. Also, I still have not had to replace the battery and I have had it over 3 years. With 7x magnification you also benefit by being able to see a larger target. Weighing in at 225 grams makes it extremely light which is convenient for backpacking trips.

Positives: Very Accurate, light, fast.
Negatives: No ballistic information or angle trajectory compensation.

Leica Range Finder CRF 900


Posted November 21, 2013 by Justin Ott

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