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Justin is an avid  hunter and a prolific writer, well respected by the hunting community in North America, especially in British Colombia. He is the quintessential outdoorsman with interests in hunting, writing, and sports such as weightlifting, and hockey.

Justin with Mule Deer BuckBorn in Abbotsford, BC, Canada, Justin grew up appreciating the wilderness and enjoying the outdoors. It was no surprise that by the age of five that all he wanted to do was hunt and fish.  Fishing was his passion and a lot of time was spent catching bass and catfish in his backyard lake. His father never had a hunting or gun license; however his grandfather was a keen outdoorsman and spent a lot of time with young Justin fishing trout on the secluded lakes in the breathtaking British Colombia wilderness.

Justin excelled in sports while in school, Ice Hockey, Track, Weightlifting, and Football being his favorites. He started playing Ice Hockey since the age of 4 and continues to do so even today. As a senior in high school he was the MVP and captain of his high school football team ‘Abby Panthers.’ Justin still holds the weightlifting record at his high school, he broke the previous record held by Ed Brost set in 1984. Not very academically inclined, most of his time in school was spent in the principal’s office or out in the halls. However, he did well in marketing and business related subjects in high school. As a student of the University of British Colombia he excelled in Business and Management courses.

At 19, Justin realized that hunting was his true calling and thus began a life long affair with Bowhunting and Archery.

The sheer beauty and the unpredictability of the outdoors inspire Justin to plan one hunting expedition after another. The breathtaking mountain range coupled with the knowledge of being the only person trekking for miles is an experience Justin longs for. Justin believes that hunting challenges all the faculties, and cherishes the adventure of exploring and tracking new ground, in pursuit of game. Stalking and trailing unpredictable and dangerous game in the wilderness gives Justin an unparalleled adrenaline rush. Justin considers the experience of suddenly spotting the animal, after spending considerable amount of time in pursuit, as the most exciting part of the hunt. Another reason Justin loves to go hunting is that it gives him time to reflect and enjoy the solitude of the untamed wilderness. Justin is a strong advocate of going on hunts with friends and near ones as the bonding and camaraderie experienced is truly unique and special.

Some of Justin’s memorable hunts include his rendezvous with a bachelor herd of record book bucks on his first trek in the alpine areas of backcountry BC with close friend and hunting partner Sid. Another memorable hunt Justin does not tire talking about, is when he along with his hunting partner and younger twin brothers went out to northern BC for a successful spring bear hunt. It was the first big game harvest for his brothers. Justin Ott is an active member of the Ridgedale Rod and Gun Club. He is also a IBEP certified bow hunter. Bow-hunting bears in spring, when the chances of spotting and stalking big bears is the highest, coupled with the element of danger inherent in such missions is what interests Justin the most. Justin’s hunting gear includes a Bowtech Tribute bow with a draw weight of 70 pounds, Gold Tip Pro Hunter arrows, G5 Montec broadheads, G5 sight, Diamond quick release quiver, Jim dandy trigger release, Badlands pack, Danner frontier boots, Minox binoculars, Leica rangefinder, buck knife, predator camouflage, and Ice Breaker Merino Wool Base Layers.

Justin advocates meticulous preparation before the hunt. He checks his weapon accuracy and practices shooting targets and 3D targets. The area that he is going to is well researched using maps, local information and scouting. Going over the gear checklist, and checking gear condition is done without fail. Writing meal plans and setting waypoints on Google Earth and GPS is another important activity he fusses over before starting out on a hunt. Justin considers the broadside shot, right behind the shoulder one third of the way up, as a good shot. His technique includes staying calm while slowly squeezing the trigger at the end of an exhaled breath!

One unforgettable experience he had was on a moose hunt in the secluded north of BC, when he and a hunting partner left camp to find moose signs on the local logging roads. As they turned, the GPS showed that the road would lead them back to the camp, after driving for nearly eight hours they discovered that the road did not lead to the camp and just ended at the river. There was no option but to turn back and go back the same way they came. But the only problem was that they were short on diesel and food. On their way back they got stuck in a deep creek crossing the road and they had to spend the night in freezing conditions without food. The next day they were lucky to run into an aboriginal man, who was surprised to find them, he however pulled them out of the creek and took them to the nearest mining camp. They were given supplies, a satellite phone, and a different route out of the area. Eight hours later they were united with their hunting partners at the moose camp, who were still livid.

Justin trains hard to be in peak physical condition. Weightlifting, cycling, hockey and hiking  keep him in shape to take on the rugged BC Mountains. Shooting practice includes target and 3D archery shooting as well as outdoor range time with rifles, shotguns, and pistols.

Justin contributes articles and stories to The British Columbia Outdoors and Great Canadian Sportsman magazines. Justin resides in Abbotsford, BC with his wife Monica, enjoys the company of his friends and regularly goes fishing, hunting and indulges in competitive sports weightlifting and Archery.

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Posted December 12, 2013 by Justin Ott

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