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Jim Shockey is one of the most outstanding hunters in the world today. His reputation goes beyond the wilderness to other areas of life too. He is an accomplished author, who has written several acclaimed adventures and hunting books such as Ultimate Big Game Adventures, Wild Hunts Across North America and also two series, Ultimate Big Game Adventure Part 1 and 2 among others. He has also written several articles for top adventure and hunting magazines. His writings have won him awards, notwithstanding his success as a hunter.

Jim who started hunting at a very young age is also an ace guide. He is very knowledgeable in dealing with various terrains all over the world and has conquered many adverse terrains in most difficult conditions. He has had to deal with all these during his world travels. For the last 20 years, Jim has been a wilderness guide and an outstanding outfit for wilderness adventures. He has written various books and articles too on how to deal with various terrains and wildernesses.  His expertise is guiding in the areas of British Columbia, in the wilds of the Yukon Territory, in the Sonoran Desert of Old Mexico, Vancouver Island, and also in the Saskatchewan the home of the big whitetail bucks.

Jim is an experienced hunter, whose expeditions have taken him to the remotest parts of North America wildernesses. He has also gone to the high arctic, traveling for days with the help of dogsleds in the company of the Inuit. He has also gone looking for Coues deer, in an expedition that made him to climb the Sierra Madres of Mexico. He has also traveled to the Northwest Territories in search of caribou accompanied by the Dane first nation people. Jim has met many tribal people from various parts of the world. By interacting with them, he has learnt many things that make him what he is today. He especially attributes his tracking skills to the Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert in Namibia and his ability to live off the land from the aboriginal people of Australia. He learnt to have the courage to face any adversary from the Masai warriors of Tanzania.

Jim’s hunting adventures have produced many world records. He has taken a vast array of trophies, among them are Stone sheep, bison, Roosevelt elk, white-bearded wildebeest, muskox, Shirus moose, walrus, Grant’s gazelle, steenbok and many others.  Among his greatest achievements is completing the “North American Super Slam” and he became the only hunter to do so, using a muzzleloader.

Jim is also a reputed photographer and videographer. He has taken exquisite and rare photos from the wildernesses, which have been published in his books and other leading magazines across the world. He has also produced many adventurous and instructional videos, which have been produced in DVDs and VHS. He is also a host of his own TV show on the Outdoor Channel.

Jim has been an academician as well. During his college days, he was an All-American swimmer and a good student of Biology and Psychology. He was also a national water polo player for six years. He then played, being a member in the National water polo team for six years. Jim and his water polo team took part in the world championships of 1978 and 1982, but unfortunately could not take part in the 1980 Olympics, due to political reasons. Jim is one of the world’s best known experts on the Ethnocentric Folk Art forms from Western Canada. He has been fascinated with art and antiques over the years, and has a wide range of collections, which have been featured in Country Living magazine and Century Home magazine many times.

Jim got married in 1980. He is happily married to his soul mate and best friend Louise, who was an actress, and has two children. Branlin and Eva Shockey have both joined Jim in his hunting and entertainment business.

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Posted February 10, 2014 by Justin Ott

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