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I have hunted and practiced with a number of release aids and find the Jim Dandy release very handy for hunting and therefore use it for 3D shooting and practice. I keep all my equipment the same for hunting and 3D shooting in order to practice with exactly the same set up as I hunt with.

The Jim Fletcher Jim Dandy release aid is very convenient for hunting as it easily hooks into the “D” loop on your string, yes that’s right you do need to have a “D” loop on your string in order to use the Jim Dandy release as it is a single hook that grabs the “D” loop. The very fact that you do not have to close a caliper or jaw around your string or “D” loop makes it 1 step faster to hook on to your string. This time saving step will be just the thing for fast thinking hunting situations.

When drawing back, you have to make sure you do not twist your wrist as you can potentially lose your grip on the “D” loop. Although this did not happened to me for 3 years, I have seen a first time archer have trouble with this release. 3 years after I started using this release, I now am having trouble with it. The claw must have worn because on my draw the "D" loop slips off every time. I am guessing this is why they have stopped making this model. I am going to try the Fletch Hunter out as it has good reviews from my fellow archers.

The double roller trigger system ensures a smooth and consistent release.  It has proved faultless for me over the last year of hunting and 3D outings. the strap is very comfortable and has proved strong and reliable.

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Posted November 30, -1 by Justin Ott

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