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 1993 Jeep Cherokee Country 4 door 4.0L inline 6 cylinder 4x4

Quick Ratings:

Ride quality: Good

Handling: Good

Power: Moderate

Room: Good

Reliability: Moderate

Off road ability: Good

Turning radius: Good

Fuel consumption: Moderate (I would get approximately 400km's to 60 liters)

My wife had this vehicle in 2001 and it was a good little rig until it got close to t he 200,000km mark in 2007. It drove pretty good and had decent handling but once it starting getting higher in the mileage, things starting breaking down regularly. Starter, alternator, wiper motors, switches etc. There were multiple times where I could not start the vehicle and had to diagnose the problem. The most annoying problem was; a switch in the transmission that would not communicate that the transmission was in park, so it would not start. Then I had to replace the rear main seals as it was leaking quite a bit of oil. After that was done the motor starting burning oil. There was a good amount of blue smoke coming out of the tail pipe so I ditched in for the F150.

Off road and hunting situations where pretty good in this Jeep though. There was a good balance of vehicle size for roominess and maneuverability in the bush. You could seat 4 comfortably or 5 very uncomfortably with room behind the back seat for some supplies. Or if there was only 2 of you, fold down the back seat and have more room or small sleeping quarters. I slept laying on a diagonal in the back of the jeep before. The jeep was powerful enough to haul a small trailer for supplies and gear. The Jeep was a good performer on the little trails as it was pretty narrow and the wheel base was not terribly long. Overall this is a good compromise of a vehicle for hunting and road driving. Not the best in either one situation but pretty darn good in both. If you could only have 1 vehicle and you needed a daily driver as well as a decent hunting rig, I would definitely recommend this type of vehicle.

Above you can see that I fit 2 deer into the back of the Jeep.

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Posted November 30, -1 by Justin Ott

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