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Jack Brittingham is one of the most celebrated and adventurous hunters in the world. At a tender age of 3, Jack was introduced to the wild life by his father Robert Brittingham, who was also a hunter of great repute.

 Jack was born on June 14, 1958. He was born to a family of hunters and adventurers. Both his dad and his uncle Juan Brittingham were hunters, who had been hunting for many years, in many countries, before he was born. These two influenced Jack and taught him the skills of hunting. Little Jack was learning quickly and what is remarkable is, at the age of 6, he had his first kill and two years later at the age of 8, he shot a buck point blank, while hunting with his father in Arkansas. On the same day, he also accounted for one more deer, making it two kills on a debut. Jack continued to hunt in Arkansas, while in high school. But, he could not find much time to hunt, since the laws during his time allowed only a short hunting session for hunters, who used guns. Because of this, he could only get 5 days a year to hunt. However, if he opted for bow hunting, he could get at least six months, an option he readily settled for. Though, he found more joy in bow hunting, he occasionally turned to riffle hunting with excellent results. He took to riffle hunting in Texas and New Mexico. His family was into a tiles business, which they sold in 1990. After the sale of this business, Jack was able to spend more time bow hunting and at the same time managed to look after the ranches.

Since, Jack was taken for his first outdoor hunt at the age of three, he has always been an outdoorsman. His father and uncle have been hunting for years together, they went on expeditions to Africa, India and other foreign countries. When Jack was 14 years of age, he was taken for a hunting expedition in Africa, a trip he enjoyed a lot. Since then he has been going to Africa quite often and today, Jack runs a ranch in Tanzania. He has also been traveling in many countries like Canada, South America. He has also been to Mongolia and Tajikistan hunting for Mountain sheep.

Jack has produced several state-of-the-art videos. He uses over the shoulder method to shoot videos, which enables his viewers to see from a certain point, which makes them feel that they are actually a part of the wild hunting. His videos are acclaimed all over the world. He shoots his videos, especially from exotic locations and shows each and every aspect of planning and execution involved in an animal hunt. He believes that his videos are not only entertaining, but also educative, since his viewers can learn as they watch these videos. He has 34 videos produced by him on various adventures and wildlife issues.

Jack is a dedicated scholar of wildlife management. He took to herd life management as a minor, when studying at Texas Tech University. He has three ranches in Texas, where he keeps whitetails and waterfowl. He also has another ranch on the Colorado-New Mexico border, which is devoted to elk.

Jack is a host of his own show, “Jack Brittingham’s World of Hunting Adventure”, which is a series of hunting for big game and it is shot in various countries. Some of the shows focus on such interesting hunts like a hunt of Marco Polo Sheep in Tajikistan or hunting for ducks or geese in Canada. This show was nominated in the category of “Best Waterfowl Footage” in the Outdoor Channel’s Golden Moose Awards in 2005.

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