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Merino wool shirtGoing into the backcountry you want to make sure you have proper clothing and it all starts with the right base layer. Sweat is more than abundant when climbing, traversing, and scaling mountainous terrain with a 60lb pack. Keeping the moisture wicking away from your body is extremely helpful but you also want to be able to stay warm when the sun goes down behind the mountain range.

I tried Under Armor heat gear and found that I sweat as soon as I put it on and it makes me smell worse than any other fabric so I looked for an alternative. A hiker friend of mine informed me about Ice Breaker Merino Wool so I picked up a pair of socks, boxers, and undershirt from the local outdoor/hiking shop. The price is a little steep but I wore all 3 items under my clothes for the entire weekend and found the clothing not only comfortable but odorless. I was really surprised how it regulated my temperature as during the day I was not to hot and I was insulated at night. The boxers are excellent for avoiding chafing if thatís a worry. I bought the skin superfine 140 l/s solo shirt and although it is great for late spring and summer I would suggest getting something thicker for the colder months. Over all I give Ice Breaker Merino Wool 5 stars for being comfortable, practical, light, and having moisture wicking ability.

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Posted November 30, -1 by Justin Ott

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