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The Truth 10 - Big Bulls:

Manufacturer: Primos

This video is worth a place in the collection of hunters interested in collecting prize trophies. As is expected from Primos, Primos delivers more than just a hunting video. It is no surprise that most serious hunters prefer to own the entire Truth series. The Truth 10-Big Bulls’ is a fantastic elk hunting video featuring elk hunts with rifle, bows, and muzzleloaders.

The hunts are carried out in Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, and Arizona. It’s heartening to note that elk population is on the rise and they are returning to the plains once again. The hunts are carried out on private land as opposed to public land.

Especially interesting to viewers would be the instructive part on performing calls. The use of different calls to produce different sounds will prove helpful to both the veteran and the novice alike. A preview of new bugle system is a plus.

The video is shot beautifully and Primos’s love for the outdoors and wildlife is evident in the fact that the hunting team is seen enjoying the beauty and magnificence of both land and animals. Hunting is not just about getting the kill and a few close encounters without taking a shot prove this.

Anyone considering an elk hunt should definitely see this video.

“Winter Magic”

Produced by

Red fox hunters will absolutely love this video as lot of footage is devoted to red fox hunt. One of the best predator hunting video’s to hit the market in recent times. Excellent camera work and editing proves the professional approach of the production team.

The hunter’s activity while on the stand and the predator’s reactions are well captured from different angles. This video raises the bar for all future predator-hunting videos. Calling scenes depict in great detail the body language, and the commentary is full of useful tips and facts.

In the northern part hunting is basically done by the “spot and stalk” method, the video has numerous stalking scenes. This video will give a good idea to all those hunting in the south of how predators are hunted in the eastern and western parts of the north.

The two hosts Pat Cameron and John Summerfield are both widely respected outdoorsmen and skilled predator hunters. John Summerfield’s experience in the television broadcast industry is reflected in the production of this technically sound video.

Calling coyote is particularly challenging as they are shy animals and prefer the security of the woods. Expert calling will lure the coyote to leave the woods and cross the field to look for wounded prey animal. The tips and techniques at the end of the video are useful to both the veteran and novice hunter.

Camera work is excellent and so is the background music. Every hunt is accompanied by a narration of how and why things are done. The video features 22 hunts and almost half of them are red fox hunts. Calling, spotting, stalking, and ambushing are a delight to watch. Viewers would surely want a sequel to this video.

Cave Bears On The Pacific Rim

By Jim Shockey

Jim Shockey is a veteran hunter on the Vancouver Island, hunting big black bears. Spot and Stalk is the preferred hunting technique on this island. This island has a healthy population of large coastal black bears.

In this video Jim is not the hunter but instead plays the role of a guide. Hunters are taken to almost 20 yards of the bear before taking a shot. Hunters are seen anchoring bears with bows, rifles, and muzzleloaders. There are total eight bear hunts and all of them are giant costal bears.

Jim offers important information on how to judge bears, how to use predator calls and also interesting spot and stalk tactics.

Good videos to learn from if you are planning your first black bear hunt.


Posted November 30, -1 by Justin Ott

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