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Weatherby Vanguard hunting rifles

The Weatherby Vanguard is one of the strongest bolt-action rifles that have proven its worth over the years. Weatherby are also known for high-powered Weatherby Magnum cartridges for various calibers between .22 and .50. Barring a few exceptions the Vanguard was specifically designed to accommodate non-Weatherby calibers. The Vanguard is also known for its value. Even when it was first introduced it carried a price tag nearly 25 percent higher than the other makes. The extensive handwork involved in the stock was primarily responsible for the high price. However, later the Vanguard models came with synthetic stocks which are lighter and impervious to weather. Synthetic models are a good choice for going on bushwacking back pack hunt.

The Weatherby Vanguard has a modified Mauser action built to Weatherby specifications by Howa (Japan) that uses a one piece forged and machined flat-bottomed receiver with a machined steel bolt having dual opposed locking lugs. The fluted one-piece bolt body has three gas ports on the side with a streamlined bolt sleeve shrouding the rear side of the bolt. The front of the bolt has a flush mounted claw extractor with the plunger ejector contained in the recessed bolt face. The Vanguard barrel is cold hammer forged and comes in stainless, matt silver, high luster/satin blue in different models. The Vanguard, like all other Weatherby models has an accuracy of 1.5 MOA. Premium Vanguard rifles like the SUB-MOA Varmint have much higher accuracy. The Weatherby Vanguard is considered by many hunters to carry the best value available in a hunting rifle today.

Remington 700 hunting rifles

The Remington 700 hunting rifle is from the oldest American manufacturer of rifles, the Remington Arms Company. For hunters the 700 remains a favorite model among bolt-action hunting rifles from Remington. First introduced in 1962 the 700s use center fire ammunition and comes in many versions such as the civilian model 700ADL, 700BDL, 700CDL, the 700 Safari and the Police version 700P to name a few. The Remington 700 is made in many different calibers from .17 to .50 and is said to have the highest ‘out of the box' accuracy among production rifles. Barrel lengths are 22/24/26 inches.

Tikka T3 hunting rifles

This is an excellent weapon by Sako of Finland and is imported into the US by Berretta USA. Sako have designed the T3 especially for the American market creating a sleek lightweight rifle with high accuracy and modern looks.  The rifle is available in calibers from .223 to .338 holding anywhere from three to five cartridges in a detachable polymer magazine. It is available in both wood and synthetic stock versions. With the fiberglass, reinforced copolymer polypropylene stock the Tikka 3 weighs just around 6 1/4 pounds and comes both in all stainless steel or blued models. With barrel, lengths ranging from of 22 1/2 inches in standard calibers to 24 1/2 inches for magnums, it has been tested to have out of box SUB-MOA accuracy of around .880.

Hunting rifles from Kimber

Kimber Manufacturing Inc. initially established as Kimber of Oregon in 1979 manufactured Kimber rifles. Specializing in handguns, Kimber also manufactures high quality rifles that can be classified as   semi-custom products at production prices. One model is the 84M as a classic sporter and varminter. It comes in various calibers from .22 to .308. Designed with a short, trim action, the M84 Kimber has a proportionately matching short barrel and stock. For a rifle made of steel with a real Claro walnut stock the M84 is surprisingly light averaging just 5 pounds and 10 ounces for the 22 inch barrel classic version, while the varminter with the 26 inch barrel stands at 7 pounds and 5 ounces. The action functions with a slick, tight feel. Overall, it is good weapon with a perfect balance between weight, action size and power.  There are other good rifles also available from Kimber Mfg.Inc.

Many other good options in hunting rifles are available from other reputed arms manufacuturers like Winchester and Browning among others. The avid hunter will be well advised to make a careful selection.


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