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How to sight in a compound bow with fixed pins

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compound bow with fixed pins

How to sight in a compound bow with fixed pins:


 My G5 Optix Le sight. Mounted on a Bowtech Tribute.


What You Need:


  • Compound bow. (Set at proper draw length and nocking point)

  • Archery target. (Hay bale or store bought, eg. The  block)

  • Range. (preferably 50 yards)

  • Range finder or yard measure.

  • Allan key set.

  • Peep sight.

  • Bow sight.

Archery range

1- Line up the pins with string. 

      Fasten the sight box onto the bow and roughly center the pins so they are lined up vertically with the string of the bow when you hold it out in front of you. Try to have the site box adjusted roughly in the center so you have plenty of adjustment wither way. 

2- Sighting the top pin. 

Quick Tip: When making adjustments on your bow, use micro adjustments as this will save you a lot of frustration. 

     Start out at 5 yards and see how close your arrow is shooting to the top pin. If the arrow is hitting higher than top pin, adjust the top pin higher. Step back to 10 yards and shoot again, if arrow is hitting high, move the pin higher. If the arrow is hitting lower than you are aiming with your pin, lower the pin to where the arrow is hitting. Move back to 15 yards and make your adjustments, then finally stand at 20 yards and make the final adjustment to get your top pin sighted in at 20 yards. Once you get to 20 yards remember: When you are sighting in your bow, make sure to fire a couple of 3 arrow groups at each yardage range to make an accurate adjustment. If you are shooting consistently to the left, move the whole sight box to the left. If you are shooting to the right move the whole sight box to the right.

      Your top pin should be in the top 1/3rd of the site box (depending of manufacturer). If your top pin is at the bottom of the site box, you must lower the site box and raise the top pin.

3- Sighting the next pins.

      Now that you figured out where your arrows are hitting at 20 yards, move back to 30 yards and move the second pin so that it is just under the 20 yard pin. As a guide: if you are shooting around the 300 fps mark, the 30 yard pin will be around an 1/8th - ¼ of an inch under the 20 yard pin. Shoot at 30 yards and make the minor adjustments to set the 30 yard pin. Remember, if the arrows are hitting high move the pin higher and vice versa. If the 3 arrow groups are consistently left, move the whole sight box to the left and vice versa. 

Quick Tip: Due to fatigue reasons, you might want to sight your bow in over 2 day shooting sessions to ensure complete accuracy. 

      The next pin should be set at 40 yards. Move the 3rd pin (40 yard pin) down lower than the 2nd pin (30 yard pin) so the gap is a bit bigger than the gap between the 20 & 30 yard pins. This makes sense as the further out you shoot, the lower the arrow velocity is. Shoot a couple 3 arrow groups at 40 yards and make adjustments accordingly.  

      Move back to 50 yards and then 60 yards if you have the room to shoot or the pins. Repeat the steps above. Make sure you only move the sight when you know it’s the sight, or that the pins that are out. If you tend to move the sight when it is just shooter error, you will have a heck of a frustrating time. 

Quick Tip: Your bow should be for the most part sighted in. When you are practicing in the future you can make more adjustments but be sure not to move the sight box or the pins unless your groups are consistently in the same place, as you do not want to move the pins for shooting errors. 


Posted October 23, 2014 by Justin Ott

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