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Guy Eastman is an avid outdoorsman, trophy hunter, hunting and wildlife film maker, that is a producer of hunting videos, films and television shows, publisher of the Eastmanís Bow Hunting Journal and Eastman's Hunting Journal, the hunting magazine that has a 10,000 strong reader base. The Eastmanís Hunting Journal was started in 1987 by his father Mike and mother Bertie Eastman. Guy is an accomplished lecturer and authority on hunting., his company, is an invaluable resource for practically everything related to hunting for the hard core hunting enthusiast. Big game hunting is in Guy's blood and he has been hunting with his father and grandfather from a very early age, to build up a wealth of experience, knowledge and hunting wisdom. He can now be seen bow hunting elk, black bear and grizzly bear on the Outdoor Channel. He can also be seen rifle hunting back country mule deer.

The Eastman family has been living in the West for generations, right from the time Guy's ancestors first came to the West, way back in 1856. Guy comes from the sixth generation, since the family settled in the West. Belonging to a family of dedicated wildlife enthusiasts, Guy was introduced to filming wildlife/hunts from the early age of fourteen, learning the skills under the able guidance of his grandfather Gordon Eastman. Guy's father Mike Eastman has also been involved fully in big game hunting and Guy along with him is making videos and television shows that are aired weekly on the Outdoor Channel. The shows called the Eastmans' Hunting Journal have to be seen, to fully appreciate Guy's prowess as a big game hunter and hunting/wildlife film maker.

The Eastmans have all along been firm believers in ethical hunting. Fair pursuit of game has been their tradition, which all generations of the family have religiously adhered to. This long tradition has established Guy Eastman as an undisputed authority on fair chase big game trophy hunting. The tremendous exposure to wildlife, extreme patience developed over the time and his respect for wildlife, places Guy in a most enviable position as a trophy hunter. His thorough knowledge of western forestlands and big game available there, has allowed him to develop techniques and gain credentials that make him one of the topmost lecturers on big game trophy hunting in the West, as also on fair chase. While filming with his illustrious father, Guy is able to use his skills to bring the adventure and pulsating thrill of the hunt to the viewer through his artistic knack and expert camera handling.

This skill of wildlife filming runs in his blood. It all started with Guy's grandfather Gordon Eastman half a century ago; way back in 1957, when Gordon began making films like High, Wild and Free, Hunting Alaska Today and Challenging the Northwest Territories that marked the beginning of such films. Guyís father Mike Eastman worked with Gordon, with both of them spending most of their time outdoors, engaged in hunting and wildlife filming. In 1999, it was Mike who decided to instill his love for wildlife, filming into a TV series on the Outdoor Channel, naming it the Eastmanís Hunting Journal. Today, Guy is enthusiastically and successfully carrying on this tradition to make the Eastmans' proud. His contribution to Eastmansí Hunting Journal is also evident in its much improved technical dimensions, which go onto, to make viewing his films and videos thoroughly enjoyable.

Armed with an engineering degree awarded by the Purdue University Guy walks in the family tradition, having established himself as an expert trophy hunter and hunting authority and heads the Eastmanís Hunting Journal and the Eastmanís Bow Hunting Journal.

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