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Gold Tip Pro Hunter arrows in quiverI have been using Gold Tip Arrows for 3 years and I must say there toughness and accuracy is superb. I now use the Pro Hunter 5575 series and my groups are excellent. I have used the XT Hunters as well as Expedition Hunters.

To the left I am pictured with a mule deer that was harvested with the Gold Tip Pro Hunter arrows pictured in the quiver.

I have recovered my Gold Tip arrows from Elk, Bear, and Deer and have used them again and again. Sometimes I have had the animal snap the arrow but for the most part the arrows hold up well. The arrows have been the strongest out of all the arrows I have tried.

Depending on how serious of a shooter you are there is different tolerances of straightness and weight per dozen. In the hunting arrow category there is the Expedition Hunter that has .006” straightness tolerance and a weight variance of +- 2 grains per dozen. The next level up is the XT Hunter with a .003” straightness tolerance and a weight variance of +- 2 grains per dozen. There top of the line hunting arrow is the Pro Hunter which has a straightness of .001” and a weight variance of +-1 grain per dozen. I use the Pro Hunter for hunting and 3D shooting so my setup is always the same, all I do is screw on a broadhead and I am ready for hunting.

 With my current setup I can hit the same spot with my fixed blade broadheads as my field points. Having an accurate arrow is very important to obtain those results. You should consult the arrow chart Gold Tip has on there web site to make sure you are using the properly spined arrow for your draw weight, length and arrow tip:

Posted November 30, -1 by Justin Ott

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