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G5 Products

G5 Outdoors is a well-established company that offers a variety of hunting products and accessories. The company’s mission is to help bowhunters become more effective when in the field.

Company History

The company’s history began in 1966 when Louis Grace Sr. established Grace Engineering in Michigan. The company became famous due to inventive manufacturing methods as well as its high quality products. G5 Outdoors was established in the year 2001 by Louis along with his sons. The name G5 denotes the family name of its founder, Grace and his 5 children. This family-run business is currently managed by third-generation members of the Grace family.

The company has introduced several innovative products for hunting bows and arrows since 2001. The company has also filed several patents including one for Parallel Cam Technology. This technology boosts accuracy to an entire new level in compound bows. The company continues to focus on innovation and high-quality, and is a respected name in the USA.

G5 Products

G5 Outdoors offers a wide range of hunting products that include Broadheads, Sights,

Quivers, Peeps, Rests, Speed Studs, Replacements Blades, Tools, and Accessories. The company’s metal products are manufactured using a unique metal injection molding process that enhances the strength and density of those products.

The broadhead range offered by G5 includes products such as the T3, Montec CS, Striker, Striker Magnum, Montec Preseason, and the innovative S.G.H. or Small Game

Head for hunting small game. Their Sights range includes the Optix Rock, Optix XR, Optix XR2, and the Rheostat Light Kit. These sights are suitable for almost all types of bows.

Quivers offered by G5 are available under various labels such as Head-Loc, Mag-Loc Riser, Mag-Loc Halo, and Head-Loc Crossbow. The company also makes a wide range of Rests such as the Expert I Drop-Away Rest. This rest features adjustable spring tension, wide polymer launcher spool and dual pull-cord attachment points. The Expert-I is very easy to operate, can be tuned quickly and is extremely quiet.

Other Rests from G5 include the Expert II Drop-Away Rest, Expert Pro and the Halo Full Containment Rest. The company also offers high-precision Peeps such as the Meta Titanium Peep that is machined to perfection from a single piece of solid titanium.

The company also offers the All-New Meta Peep that is machined from a single piece of 7000 series aluminum. Avid hunters can also find Meta Speed Studs at G5 Outdoors. These dual purpose speed studs can help boost arrow speed and can also be used as a tuner for peep sights. Hunters no longer need to sacrifice bow comfort when using these Speed Studs from G5. The company also makes several Tools for hunters such as the Flat Diamond Sharpener, Sportsman Sharpener, and the A.S.D. or Arrow Squaring Device tool.

Furthermore, G5 offers accessories such as the G-Lock Blu-Glu, Cinch Optics Tether, G-Lock Shock-Tite, GS Arrow Wraps, G5 Logo Vanes, G5 Bow Case, and the Broadhead Vault. Loyal buyers can also order for G5 Replacement Blades. The company offers T3 Practice Blades, Striker Magnum Replacement Blades, Striker Replacement Blades, and T3 Replacement Blades.G5 Outdoors has a rich and illustrious history of delivering high-tech hunting products and accessories to hunting enthusiasts all over America. This family-run company has the interests of hunters in mind and uses innovative manufacturing technologies to deliver outstanding hunting products.


Posted December 23, 2013 by Justin Ott

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