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G5 Optix Sight

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G5 Optix Sight 

G5 Optix sight

When looking for a bow sight, you want to make sure the design is strong, tough, and somewhat simple. A well designed and well made sight is key to bowhunting success. You don’t want any failures in the field that you can avoid by having the right equipment. I first recommend the style of a round sight box in order for peep alignment to be as straightforward as possible. Secondly make sure there is a level to keep you aligned properly when shooting on side hills. Last, you want to have a solid system for keeping pins locked along with the whole sight system.

            The G5 Optix sight will meet all the requirements necessary to have a great performing set up. I personally own the G5 Optix LE as I like having 5 fixed pins. The “ME” would be more beneficial to 3D shooting as you would not want to be clicking the last pin in different positions in a fast paced hunting situation.  The “SE” having 3 pins would be for someone looking for a less cluttered look through the sight.

The G5 Optix LE sight on my Bowtech Tribute.

            I personally believe the G5 Optix sights have the best appearance on the market and they perform better than any other sight I have had prior. I like how the individual pins have a fine adjustment screw, and a locking screw. Just make sure you do not over tighten the pin locking screws as they will shear off if over torqued. To move the sight box left, right, up, or down all you have to do is loosen the locking screw and use the fine adjustment knob to get the desired position. There is easy to read

 marker lines to show incremental progress.

Functionality is great and the level bubble is real handy, just ensure you set the level up as it might not read true from the factory. An LED light for the fiber optics is available if you want a brighter pin in low light conditions. The company is great from a warranty standpoint; I had continual issues of the sight pin screw breaking so they sent me their latest sight model. It has been great, and I have had no issues with it.

UPDATE: I sent G5 an email explaining them the problem I have been having with the set screws continuously breaking off and they sent me a brand new Optix LE G5 sight for free. That is a great company in my opinion.

Posted September 01, 2013 by Justin Ott

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