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Fred Bear

Fred Bear is considered a pioneer by avid American and Canadian bow hunters and by his many fans across the globe. He was a legendary sportsman with a dedicated passion for archery, a widely-traveled film producer, and owner of Bear Archery Products that sells archery products and accessories.

Fred Bear was born on March 5, 1902 in the city of Waynesboro in Pennsylvania. At the age of 21, he went to Detroit to join the budding automobile industry and by the age of 31 was a partner in a firm that made advertising materials for the auto industry. However, in his spare time, he made high-quality archery equipment for his friends.

By the year 1939, demand for his archery equipment was so high that he decided to leave the auto industry to launch his own archery equipment company by the name of Bear Archery Company. He was drawn towards the world of archery when he watched the Bow Hunting Adventures of Art Young documentary. He actually worked under Art Young to create his own bows, bowstrings, and arrows at a very young age.

Archery was so embedded in Fred Bear that he kept on winning state archery championships during the years of 1934, 1937, and 1939. Fred became a well-known face on television when he began producing his own hunting expeditions in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan along with Jack Van Coevering, the Detroit Free Press Editor.

These films were an inspiration for thousands of fans that began their own journey into the world of archery. Fred’s archery store Bear Archery Products also witnessed hectic sales as the company began bringing in new products for the changing market.

Bear Archery Products offers various archery products that include Compound Bows, Traditional Bows, and Youth Bows for professionals as well as enthusiastic newcomers. In addition, the company offers a wide range of archery accessories such as their complete All-In-One Archery Cart, Foam Targets, Target Faces, Target Mats, Target Stands, Ground Quivers, Arrow Rests, Armguards, Arrows, Bowstrings, Gloves, Stabilizers, and Holsters, among other products.

The company also helps you achieve that perfect hunting or sporting look with their archery apparel such as T-Shirts, Hooded Sweatshirts, Caps, Beanies, and Hats. In fact, Fred Bear is most remembered for his weathered face and Felt Borsalino Hat when he appeared in his TV shows. Fred was also featured in Life Magazine, which in turn transformed him into an international icon for hunting fans. Fred also had a song to his name “Fred Bear” that was composed by Ted Nugent, the famous hard-rock musician.

Fred Bear always wanted his customers to enjoy their hunt and his products were crafted to make sure they did just that. The compression molded limbs offered by Bear Archery are made using continuous and uncut fibers that are very strong as well as durable.

Unfortunately, Fred Bear, the multi-faceted and highly talented hunter, TV host, author, bow manufacturer, and sportsman, died in 1988. However, his legacy continues through his products that continue to woo hunters all over America and Canada. If you want to learn more about the legendary Fred Bear and his products, you can visit the Fred Bear Museum located in Springfield, Missouri in the Brass Pro Shop or visit

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