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 2007 F150 Super crew 4x4 5.4L XLT

Quick Ratings:

Ride quality: Excellent

Handling: Excellent

Power: Excellent

Room: Excellent

Reliability: Excellent

Off road ability: Moderate (large size and wheelbase are drawbacks on tight trails)

Turning radius: Poor

Fuel consumption: Moderate (100L gets me around 550km's on average)

F150 Steering wheelI got this truck in 2009 as a lease return with 60,000km’s. As I write this I am currently at 160,000km’s in 2013. I can say that I am extremely pleased with this truck as the power, handling, and roominess are all superb. There is more than enough power and it takes corners very comfortably at speeds that would rival sports cars. The truck has a great track record for reliability. I have never had an instance where the truck would not start. I have never had a breakdown with this truck. The only problems I have had are exhaust manifold warping/leak and ball joints needed replacing. I have heard others have had trouble with the exhaust manifold bolts breaking off but this did not happen to me. I also have heard of spark plugs breaking off in these engines while trying to replace them. I did not have that experience although I had the dealer replace my spark plugs at the 100,000km mark.


Ford F150

For getting to the hunting site and driving the main logging roads the truck is excellent. For packing gear in the cab and box, the truck is great. However, for hunting this truck has its drawbacks: taking spur roads or tight trails and deactivating roads it is not the best. With the long wheelbase you can expect to scrape the back bumper going through deactivations or ditches. And the size is a double edge sword as it is nice to have a roomy hunting truck that stores all of your gear, it does make you cringe while you are going through brush and scraping the paint job on both sides of the truck. This truck would be a perfect hunting combination with a quad or Suzuki Samurai for hunting. 

I have done some minor modifications:

Gotts mod 

Leveling kit

K&N air filter 

Edge chip 

JBA Cat forward Headers 

Raider Nomad canopy 

Poweraid throttle body spacer 

You can read more about the specifications here:

Auto Sunshade Cover

Posted April 23, 2014 by Justin Ott

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