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Fieldline internal framepackAfter my Badlands 2200 internal frame pack was stolen I was looking for a cheap replacement to use as a day pack. I already have a large external frame pack for long hiking trips but I needed something to carry the necessary items for short hunting trips like; rope, water bladder, emergency kit, bone saw, game bags etc.

I saw this Glenwood Canyon Internal Frame pack by Fieldline for sale at Yeager's in Bellingham, WA for sale. The price was right at 29.99 so I thought I would give it a try. The pack has one large compartment with 2 side pockets and a zipper pocket on the top flap which comes in very handy. The pack also has a convenient water bladder slot and adjustable shoulder, chest, and waist straps for a comfortable fit.

Back pack damageThe pack is not ideal for overnight trips although I am sure it is possible. The pack is comfortable even with half a deer in it. I also use it on bike rides. The functionality of this pack is pretty good especially when you consider it was only $30, then it seems quite phenomenal. To tell you the truth, I did not expect it to hold up when loaded with game meat but it did. I would definitely recommend this pack to anyone on a budget looking for a day pack. The company boasts a lifetime guarantee, this is something I will test as I have noticed some light holes on the bottom of the pack through the fabric.

The holes on the bottom of this pack look like they came from the internal frame rubbing on the bottom of the pack. My internal frame have since slid out of the holes and now it is just a backpack. I will see if their "life time guarantee" holds true.

UPDATE: I contacted Fieldline's customer service and reported what happened with my pack. Their service was exceptional and they gave me an option of what type of pack I would like in place of my defective pack. I chose the Dwight Schuh Tree Stand Pack upon the arrival of my defective back pack to their location. They sent the pack to me free of charge. I really like the tree stand pack as it has a water bladder compartment and multiple pockets. It seems to be holding up as well.

Below is an example of the load the pack can handle, I am pictured with half of a large mule deer buck meat inside of the Fieldline Glenwood Canyon Internal Frame pack.

mule deer on pack

Below is a side view pic of half a mule deer inside the Fieldline Glenwood Canyon Internal Frame pack.

deer in pack

My second Fieldline pack has been replaced under warranty now, here is what the latest version of the Glenwood Canyon Internal Frame pack looks like:

Fieldline pack

View from back:

New Glenwood Canyon Pack

Check out for more info.

Posted October 29, 2009 by Justin Ott

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