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Eva Shockey Biography

Eva Shockey is the daughter of well-known hunter and outdoorsman Jim Shockey. Jim Shockey is a very familiar face thanks to his show Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures shown on the Outdoor Channel in Canada.

Born on January 5, 1988 Eva Shockey grew up watching her writer-hunter-presenter dad host outdoor and adventure TV shows as well as lead avid hunters on guided hunts. She has just graduated from Australia and armed with a business degree has now returned back to Vancouver Island, Canada to join her famous dad.

Following her dad’s footsteps, Eva Shockey has now turned a co-host and presents Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures. While she has been an avid watcher and joined her dad in most of his hunting trips, it wasn’t until she was 20 years old that she decided to pursue hunting as well as co-host her dad’s well-known hunting show.

She loves the outdoors since she gets to hunt and spend quality time with her father and grandfather. She loves to both track and field dress the animals. Her favorite hunting location is in the Yukon where she has fond memories of hiking up the mountains, cooking her own meals, and hunting some of the best moose and caribou.

Eva Shockey likes the entire hunting experience right from hiking, stalking, and shooting an animal. She is now addicted to hunting as well as the entertainment industry as she plays an increasing role in her dad’s hunting shows.

Eva not only travels all around the globe to hunt and shoot for her television show, but in addition also attends many trade shows as well as red-carpet events all over Canada and America. She currently spends around 250 days a year hunting and hosting while also delivering seminars as well as selling hunting merchandise.

She also engages in speaking engagements at the start of each year. Luckily, she loves traveling since her present work involves a lot of globe-trotting. Her striking looks and hunting lineage has have made her the focus of attention in the hunting world as well as in the entertainment industry. She is usually wears Under Armor hunting clothes whilst hunting and fancy gowns and dresses when walking the red carpet.

Her favorite hunting trophy is a whitetail deer that she shot near Asquith. She actually tracked the animal for 3 years before she shot it. This hunting experience left a lasting impression on her mind. She will be hunting in South Africa and Australia in 2013 and viewers will be able to get a glimpse of Eva along with her dad Jim as they take down badgers and hyenas, among other big game.

Even at a fairly young age of 24, Eva Shockey has managed to strike a balance between hunting, hosting TV shows, and staying in touch with her family. Her decision to team up with her father will certainly boost his hunting show and attract an younger audience to hunting. Eva Shockey has a bright future ahead of her as she gets to do what she loves the most. Visit here web page here:

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