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Electronic Dog Collars

If you have an overactive dog that loves to bolt around or have a dog that barks incessantly or one that refuses to listen to your commands, then an electronic dog collar is an excellent training tool, provided you use it in a responsible manner. Electronic dog collars use electronic impulses to set boundaries or warn a dog to stop aggressive behaviour or barking.

lab jumpingDogs are quick learners and hence an electronic collar will send a correctional message that the dog will associate with its naughty tactic. Most collars possess up to 4 settings that deliver varying level of pulses depending on the size, sensitivity, and nature of the dog. You can always start with the weakest setting and adjust it based on the reaction of your pet dog.

A good idea is to introduce your dog to the electronic dog collar in a phased manner. This means not turning on the collar at all for a few days so that your dog gets used to the collar. You must make sure you remove the collar after every 6 or 8 hours so that the electrodes or prongs do not cause painful sores on your dog’s neck.

You must also ensure the electronic collar fits snugly around your dog’s neck and the prongs make enough contact with the skin without causing pain or discomfort. Once your dog is comfortable wearing the collar then you can start training your dog by sending an impulse via the remote. You will understand by the reaction of your dog on whether the stimulation level is too low or high.

Your dog may react with a surprised expression or you may notice twitching of your dog’s ears upon sending an electronic stimulation. However, if your dog reacts in pain or begins whining then you need to lower the intensity level. You must remember not to deliver these impulses randomly, but instead push the remote button when you feel that the dog needs correction. At the same time that you deliver the stimulation, you also need to call out to your dog and when your dog runs back to you or stops barking then you need to turn the stimulation off.

This combination of negative and positive reinforcement will be quickly picked up by your dog and it will learn that it needs to remain within specific boundaries to avoid getting that unpleasant buzz. The same applies when your dog begins to bark for extended periods of time. Your dog will understand that it can control the application of impulses by avoiding engaging in undesired behaviour.

There are various types of electronic dog collars available in the market. You can choose from dog collars that feature an electronic receiver fitted on the collar along with a transmitter for your hand. You can also buy electronic dog fences that may or may not require installing ground posts depending on the model. Prices too vary depending on the features present on the dog collar.

You can easily browse and buy electronic dog collars from select online stores. You can choose collars that suit your specific needs and your budget. You will certainly be able to control your dog in a far more effective manner with the use of an appropriate electronic dog collar.

Posted August 30, 2013 by Justin Ott

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