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labrador retrieving duckHas anyone tried to make their dog fetch or retrieve with no or little success? Well I sure had troubles as you probably have seen this fine sample of my pooch doing everything but retrieving the duck: Dog trying to retrieve duck video.

After a frustrating season of trying to force my dog to retrieve I was somewhat negative that he would never get fully interested. I then tried the Dokken Deadfowl Trainer Mallard and roofus went crazy for it. I had to hold him back to let him here the word "fetch" before I would let him retrieve the Dokken Mallard. Needless to say the weekend training session on the lake was a huge success, I could not have been more proud of my loyal retriever. He relentlessly retrieved the Dokken Mallard without getting bored or tired once. I was impressed, he has never been this focused and persistent with any other fetching tool, dog retriving duckball, or toy. So for getting your dog interested, I think the Dokken Deadfowl trainers are a great buy.

The Dokken Mallard measures 5"x18" and simulates a real weight. It is made of a strong foam that held up well considering the trials it went through. The feet and head are made out ofa hard substance so the dog will not want to grip on to those parts of the bird. The head flops loose on a string so the dogs are discouraged from doing their death shakes on the retrieval tool. All in all I think it is a great tool its reasonably priced around the $25 mark. There are other models to simulate quail, dove, Canada goose and species. Cabelas has them for sale on their website. The only negative feature is that after a while the duck gets water logged and since it is soft foam, dogs can chew it. I recently tried the ATB retrieval mallard by Avery and found that the rubberized duck does not hold water or breakdown from use. I like it the ATB a bit better although the throwing string did break after a while. It still can be thrown by using the body. Check out Avery's dog training tools :

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Posted November 30, -1 by Justin Ott

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