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Danner Hunting Boots

Danner Hunting BootsDanner Boots manufactures handmade Boots for outdoor use along with related accessories. The company is a subsidiary of LaCrosse Footwear, Inc. of America.

Company History

Danner Boots was established in 1932 by Charles Danner. While the U.S. was floundering through the Great Depression, Charles was convinced that people would still appreciate high levels of craftsmanship that went into the making of each pair of boots. His belief was proved right when users began flooding to him for outdoor and hunting boots that were both stylish and durable. The company’s headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Portland, Oregon by the banks of the Columbia River. The company still uses traditional methods in manufacturing their products by hand. Expert craftsmen use the very best leather along with their rich experience to create tough boots with an extremely close and comfortable fit.

Each piece of leather used to produce various boots at the Danner plant is inspected a minimum of six times before it is passed on to the next level of production. In fact, each pair of boots that passes out of the Danner production line is actually touched by more than 100 expert craftsmen.

Danner Boots – Products

Danner Acadia BootsDanner manufactures a wide variety of boots for outdoor use. Danner hunting boots have been revered by hunters since decades due to their rugged construction, high levels of comfort and long life. The company offers boots for different activities such as Work, Casual, Hunting, Hiking, Uniform, and Military. In addition, the company offers boots with specific features such as Insulated, Safety Toe, Waterproof, Slip-Resistant, Oil Resistant, Flame-Retardant, and many more. These boots are available for specific climates such as Hot, Cold, Extreme Cold, etc.

Danner Boots introduces new and innovative products at regular intervals such as the Danner Light Mill Street. This innovative product features exclusive Woolrich wool quarter panels on the Danner Light silhouette. These boots also feature signature Danner green laces along with a Vibram Gumlite Outsole. These limited-edition boots feature full-grain leather along with wool uppers. These boots offer maximum comfort without sacrificing stability or support. Danner also supplies lightweight and tough boots for the military. These boots are also available for civilian customers and offer a cocooned snug fit along with extremely high levels of ruggedness. These boots are available under labels including Tachyon, Mountain Assault, Gavre, Melee, Desert Acadia, Danner Marine, and many more. Danner hunting boots are available under various labels such as Ridgemaster, High Ground, East Ridge, Full Curl, Women’s Pronghorn, Fowler, Sierra, etc. The company also offers a wide variety of casual boots under labels such as the Danner Light Mill Street, Forest Heights Olmsted, Underpass, Mtn Trail, Tramline Women’s, Danner Jack, and many more. Furthermore, Danner Boots offers a huge variety of accessories that include Boot Care products, Laces and Zippers, Footbeds, Apparel, and Socks, among other products.

The company also has a special Boot Recrafting division to restore old or worn out boots to their former glory. Danner Boots takes great pride in crafting boots made with the highest standards and the best quality leather. The company has loyal fans all around the U.S.A. and has expanded operations into several European and Asian countries. The company offers a very large range of products to suit different needs, feet and budget. 

Posted January 05, 2014 by Justin Ott

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