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Danner Acadia

New Danner Acadia boots compared with old

If you are in the market for a uniform boot and want exceptional comfort and durability, the Danner Acadia should be your top choice. Danner boots have always been known to produce quality, comfortable, and long lasting footwear. 

I have worn Danner Acadia boots at work for over 4 years now. I am on my second pair. I have tried other uniform boots on but you can tell the quality and comfort just is not the same. Some of the benefits of the Acadia are: a water proof & breathable Gore-Tex liner, Vibram sole, genuine full grain leather, made in USA, 8" tall ankle support, durable 1000 Denier nylon, fiberglass shank, recraftable, and it is available with a steel toe.

Pictured to the left, a brand new pair of Danner Acadia boots beside a pair worn daily for 3 years. 

The only negative comment I have heard about these boots is that some people find them heavy. I do not find these boots heavy. I think they are extremely comfortable and have proven reliable indoors and outside in wet conditions. These boots take polish well and the laces are long lasting.

Vibram sole comparison

 Pictured to the left is a comparison of the Vibram sole from a new Danner Acadia boot against a 3 year old boot.

Posted by Justin Ott

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