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Coyote decoys are also available for successful predator hunting. When hunting predators the purpose of using the decoy is to divert the attention of the approaching animal away from the hunter. The decoy does exactly that. Used in conjunction with a decoy rabbit dangling from its jaws it affords the perfect setting in which the hunter has the opportunity to take careful aim for an accurate shot. The coyote decoy can also have hidden electronic howlers (used only in the right season) to simulate coyote howling. It also has hidden pockets in the hind legs that can contain scents that attract a predator like a coyote. Bob cat urine, red fox urine or rabbit urine can work wonders to bring a coyote within a hunters shooting range.

A separate rabbit decoy with an electronic arrangement, which imparts shaking movements of an injured rabbit at predetermined intervals, may also be used. It is fixed on a stake that is driven into the ground. The rabbit captures the attention of the predator that is unable to resist pouncing on the injured animal. Its attention is directed away from the concealed hunter allowing for a relaxed and carefully aimed shot.

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