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 When being fortunate enough to be actively researching the purchaseCircle M cartridge holder cuff

of a new Firearm; there is the Gambit of things to consider.  Myself I

Do not subscribe to the all to Common throwaway society we are

surrounded by today.  Building products and parts with a known

limited lifespan or cosmetics products Designed to look good, robust

and functional but are not suited for actual dedicated use and have no

expected longevity.  I like to Think that Items we Invest in, Our

Firearms. If taken Good care of, and maintained with diligence should

last the average persons lifetime, until they can be handed off into

another. So what are you to do when after your Major purchase the

options in accessories you are offered to compliment your lifetime

purchase at seemingly Every Chain sporting goods store, are designed

and build to be thrown away with a shorter lifespan than the gun? Lets

find a better option.

                 In preparation for hunting season each year, I take note of

the things from the previous years hunting experiences that would

have been handy or useful to have. Things that were unnecessary

and not used. How many of us have one of these Generic Universal fit,

Elastic or stretchy material and open one size fits all caliber

ammunition loops? As an alternative to this there are a few pretty

common options and average from $15-$30


                    I have used an Ammo wallet, attached to

my hunting belt. It closes and keeps Cartridges clean and quiet.

However when you load the wallet full it bulges out and is one more

thing for sticks, branches, dirt and grass to get stuck in on and all

around when your out in the thick. It almost always ends up in my

pack, and is one more thing to have to be remembered or to put on

the prep checklist.

                For years My Hunting partner Justin Has used a Thick

neoprene elastic stock cuff with an extra flap and hook loop closure to

cover the ammunition.  I asked him years ago where he

found it?.. it was a generic in store lucky find. So lucky me. Now, having

the experience of wasting money on several kinds of Stock/Cuff/ammo

solutions. Losing expensive premium hunting ammunition. Losing

your backup rounds in the backcountry with your life or others relying

on your gear could end up costing more than just money. Being A-

round down, facing dangerous game. Is not something anyone really

wants to challenge? I have been looking for an alternative solution.

Something for storing extra ammunition that wont get lost and is that

is sure to last more than a few seasons! Having such an extensive list

of unrealistic criteria, someone would think {there’s got to be a better

mousetrap out there what with the Interweb and all..} and so I

searched and waited for something to gain that edge over the retail


                Circle M-Brand I stumbled upon their Custom crafted Stock1895 Marlin with leather shell holder

Cuffs built to your specifications. Designed and Fit for Your Specific

Firearm stock pattern and caliber! WOW. Ok so... how much right? On

average most custom optimized Cuffs seem to range around the $45-

$60+ depending on How many options you choose. Now I've spent

more over the last few years, trying out the other throw away options

first. I ordered 2 different styles of Cuff for different hunting and

shooting purpose. I hunt with a Tikka T3 Lite as my main gun. I wanted

a Cuff that would hold secure my extra ammunition without being

cumbersome. But be secure enough for peace of mind keeping those

Cold .300 Winchester magnum rocket's all bundled up to prevent a

round working free on the move. I gave some basic input as what I

was looking for; searching through their examples of work done it was

easy to choose an outline that would fit the image of the product

created in my head. I ordered a second cuff(rifle shell stock holder) for my Marlin 1895GS

something to match the look and feel of the lever action.  I asked for

Open Loop cartridge holders and the option of my favorite animal to

be heat engraved.  I was able to pick from a good selection of actual

Images of the leather used. Leather selection was very good and

ranged in thickness textures and colour.


                A short turn around and The Cuff's were In the Mail for only

Marlin 1895 leather stock holder lace

the Actual costs of Shipping. I have to say that what arrived was top

quality work, and item's I’m now more than excited to show off.

Brandon and Candice Miles create these cuffs From their own designs

and are really artists in their craft. Each image engraved by hand is an

original freehand creation. The quality of leather is far better than I

had anticipated for; both cuffs ordered came super soft, and thick

high quality leather that smells amazing! I laced up the first cuff using

the supplied ample quantity of strong leather lace giving plenty of

options to play with the lay of strands. When you cinch it up be

creative and tie exactly how you want it. I straight laced the Marlin,

 it took some time and 3 attempts before got it right and I cut

the extra length of lace off. The pattern locks the strands together

under the cuff and is not easy to come loose on its own. For the T3, I

laced the cuff with the Zipper method. When lacing up, the options

and patterns are almost endless.             

                The cuff for the Tikka is a rich darker colour with beautiful

texture and craftsmanship. I asked for the cuff to be made with aTikka leather cartridge cuff

secure closing, Using 2 button snaps to secure the double flap cover;

does not give room for a round to come loose.   The Button snaps are

securely riveted to the leather and do not have any audible rattle after

being secured. This cuff tailored for my Mountain Hunting Rifle will

see more extremes in weather. Being a resident of the Pacific

Northwest, we should expect at least some rain on a hunting trip to be

a safe bet. I asked Brandon, What he recommended to protect the

leather: “The leather we use is oil tanned, and still contains a lot of

the oil in the leather. The leather is marketed to make chaps and

chinks, so the leather is already intended to be a weather barrier

for the cowboy. I doubt that any treatment would be necessary

unless you live in the mountains and you're in harsh conditions

daily. The seasonal rain will not hurt it besides maybe a color

change (possibly.) " I might use saddle care products in the future to

protect from the extreme elements and the possibility of repeatedly

saturating the leather, If I need to. Care and maintenance of these

may require a couple extra steps but the benefit is worth the time in

my opinion. Both cuff ammo loops are made from the same thickness

material as the main body of the cuff and are securely stitched using a

heavy-duty thread each casing fits snug and secure.  As the rustic cuffs

age, patina and wear these products will endure far more abuse with

much better results than that of the alternative. The scars and scuffs

will tell a story, rather than be the reason it’s not functional any

longer. Thanks Circle M-Brand, for the craftsmanship and pride you

take in all the products you create.  I spoke with Brandon and Candace

about their products and one thing struck out to me worth sharing.

Brandon asked me to let him know if there was anything. Seriously

anything that was negative about the finished products. His words: "If

I can, I want to make a good product better when its needed."  I

don’t doubt that he meant it. So many products today are out the on

the floor and only backed by whichever store has the best return

policy and that’s where support ends. It’s comforting to know that the

customer comes first, that there is enough care and effort put into

each and every product.  A company that stands behind and is

committed to the quality of their work. Each and every peace created

at Circle M-Brand Comes out made by hand with a story behind it.

Using natural materials that are designed and built to be used, last

And Look amazing. Excellent Work folks.

To find out More about Circle M-Brand and the products they offer,

Check them out at

Tikka T3 with leather Circle M cartridge holder cuff

Posted June 23, 2016 by Josh Ladoucier

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