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Chuck Adams is one of the most respected professional hunters in the world. Adams has harvested all 27 species of North American big game, becoming the first archer to do so. This feat is commonly known as the "Super Slam". Chuck Adams has 122 animals under his belt noted in the Pope & Young record book. Adams also has 181 Safari Club International records and this elevates him to the top of the list in the world. Adams has also completed five Grand Slams on American deer, making him the only bow hunter in the world to do so. Chuck Adams was inducted to the National Bow Hunters Hall of Fame and SCI Bow Hunters Hall of Honor. He was 50 then and the youngest to get such an honor.

Chuck Adams was born a hunter. He was born and brought up in California. His family has deep roots of hunting over the generations. His influence as a hunter came from the roots of his father and grandfather, who were also hunters. They specialized in rifle hunting and taught the young Chuck the tricks of the trade. Adams started hunting, when still a very young boy of five. He took to rifle hunting, but in his early teens he turned to bow hunting. He was interested in reading, mostly magazines. His favorite magazine was Outdoor Life and he was fascinated by articles of legendary hunter Fred Bear. He followed Bear's advice and tried the skills, he has highlighted in his articles. Three years later taking up bow hunting, he shot his first deer using a bow, while hunting at Sierra, Nevada Mountains near hometown of Chico, California, and from then on, there was no turning back.

Adams prefers hunting elk. He believes that these are the toughest animals to hunt and are the hardest to chase on foot. He likes hunting on foot, since it's a more natural way of hunting. Besides elk, Adams loves to hunt trophy deer. He believes that deer is one of the most difficult animals to hunt and so he is excited by the challenge. Though Adams has hunted many animals, his most memorable achievement was an elk bull he killed in 2000. He had spotted the elk a year earlier, but couldn't get a shot at it. But a year later, he decided to go back to Montana, where he had seen it. He tracked and harvested the same elk. This was the 14th biggest elk killed in the history of North American hunting. This kill also holds the Pope and Young world record for the typical Yellowstone category and it's also the world record for Safari Club International for bow and gun categories.

Adams has a life filled with success stories. He has been accused of hunting just for ego's sake, but he insists that those who accuse him are jealous of his achievements. Adams is a modest man, who takes hunting as his number one priority. He prefers to spend the money he gets from his sport on improving his career by taking more expeditions, rather than living life of vanity.

Adams is widely known for his sharp shooting. He is an archer, who is always on target and always hitting the bull's eye. He is good at finger shooting and has been using this technique for the 40+ years of his career. Though this technique is difficult to even those experienced hunters, who would rather opt for mechanical technique. Unlike many hunters, who use carbon arrows, Adams still prefers aluminum arrows, which he shoots with his Reflex Caribou Compound Bow.

Adams, though believes luck is part of his game, but insists on hard work. Besides hunting, Adams has written many articles and authored several books on hunting. He also hosts TV programs on hunting and travels across the world sharing his experiences with prospective hunters.

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