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shooting a ChekMate recurve bowI have always found fascination in the art of instinctual shooting with traditional archery tackle and therefore decided to try it out for myself. It seemed like a great fit as my compound bow was just stolen and I wanted to partake in archery again so I found a good deal on a used ChekMate Falcon recurve online. The bow is a 55 pound pull at 28" drawlength. The length of the bow is 60". My Falcon has elm limbs with a purple heart riser but there are many wood options: hickory, greybark, maple, black locust, and zebrawood to name a few. The riser woods available are: bocote, Bolivian rosewood, cocobola, chechan, zebrawood, maple, purple heart. The company ChekMate is based inChekMate recurveAbbbotsford, BC, Canada and they are a fine bowmaker.

I can tell you the difference of shooting without the sights and let off of a compound bow is quite an adjustment but the ChekMate Falcon is a pleasure to shoot. I was very surprised as to how smooth the ChekMate Falcon recurve shoots. It is really a joy to release arrows. I have taken the bow on a few 3D shoots and had a blast. Just because the bow is smooth and fun to shoot does not mean it makes you a good traditional archer because I am far from that at this point. I will continue practicing with the Falcon recurve. I can say that for price, quality, and smoothness that ChekMate is one of the best traditional bow builders and I definitely recommend the Falcon recurve to anyone interested in getting into traditional archery with a fine bow for a great price. I see online you can order a new one starting at $265 here:

Posted November 30, -1 by Justin Ott

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