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Carbon and Aluminum Hunting Arrows

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Carbon and Aluminum Hunting Arrows

A quiver of hunting arrows with Montec G5 broad headsThe bowhunting season finds enthusiastic archers scouring hunting areas for game, each carrying equipment of his individual preference. Arrows form one of the most important pieces of bowhunting equipment. Today’s bow hunter has an immeasurable array of highly sophisticated arrows to choose from.

There are aluminum arrows, aluminum / carbon composite material arrows and carbon arrows available from a number of manufacturers, each with its individual characteristics and advantages of performance under diverse shooting conditions. Arrows made from wood, the traditional material, are also available in cedar, Douglas fir, Malaysian ramin, maple, ash, hickory, south Alaskan cedar, chundoo and pine. Traditional shooters mostly use these. Arrows made from some other varieties of wood are also available.

Aluminum Arrows

All aluminum arrows provide a high degree of precision with consistent spine and weight tolerances. Low in price, they provide more value to the cost conscious archer along with contributing to good bow efficiency and a quieter shot as compared to the ultra light all carbon variety. They are also excellent for shooting with large size fixed blade broadheads and are preferred by those who like to shoot with rugged and lethal heads. Although these arrows are quite durable, they tend to bend on impact and have to be re-straightened before being used again.

Easton uses a new technology for aluminum carbon composite arrows for which a patent is pending. They call it the Full Metal Jacket Technology, popularized by Cameron Hanes. The arrows have a small diameter thick wall carbon fiber core and incorporate HIT i.e. Hidden Insert Technology to impart a spin to the cutting tip, independent of the direction of the spin of the arrow. They have an aerospace grade aluminum alloy jacket that gives them a higher degree of consistency in spine, straightness and weight as compared to the all carbon variety. These arrows   are claimed to have qualities of exceptional accuracy, extreme durability and superior penetration, even crushing bone on impact. They also allow for easier arrow removal from the target.  

Carbon arrows

Carbon Arrow lodged in treeCarbon arrows are usually much lighter in weight and hence have a higher velocity and a relatively flat trajectory as compared to other arrow types. The greater speed compensates for range estimation errors. In addition, due to lesser weight, the velocity reduces quickly which negatively affects penetration.

Gold tip arrows are manufactured by Gold Tip, Inc., which pioneered carbon graphite shaft arrow technology in 1990. One of the many arrow brands offered by Gold Tip is the Pro Hunter arrows claimed by them to possess a straightness tolerance of +/- .001 in. making them top of the line wrapped carbon graphite arrows with the highest ever accuracy.

Above you can see a Gold Tip Carbon Arrow lodged into a tree after I shot a bear up against it.

Other top class arrows from Gold tip are the XT Hunter, Expedition Hunter and the new CAA, standing for Carbon Aluminum Arrow, which has a construction of graphite fibers wrapped around a very durable aluminum core.

Gold Tip arrows used on grouseCarbon Express is yet another manufacturer that offers high performance carbon arrows. It has recently introduced the Aramid KV. The arrow is manufactured using innovative engineering technology that builds the shaft of the arrow with a layer of Dupont Kevlar between carbon fibers. Dupont Kevlar is an extremely strong synthetic fiber used in the manufacture of bullet proof jackets and said to be five times stronger than steel. Carbon Express claims that the combination of carbon fiber and Kevlar results in creating an incredibly strong arrow that maintains its spine and straightness despite repeated impact against bones, trees or the ground. Along with precision engineering, Carbon Express has incorporated many other patented technologies in this arrow like it’s Bull Dog Nock Collar for added strength and protection, the Blazer Vanes to provide added velocity and the CX Built In Weight Forward technology for better balance and down range accuracy and the Mossy Oak Break Up technology camouflage finishes.

Posted March 18, 2014 by Justin Ott

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