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Butler Creek Scope Caps

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Butler Creek Scope Caps

This is an example of a great idea poorly executed. Every hunter who has
been in the rain or snow with a scope on their rifle understands the
importance of keeping moisture and debris off their lenses. Those were
the exact reasons I decided to protect my Bushnell Elite 3200 scope with scope covers. When I first put them on my scope, they worked fine. During hunting situations as I was walking the caps would open their
own. The caps would also open on their own if you were driving on a quad from the vibrations. Although this was an inconvenience, it was not the end of the world. The problem was when the caps were open they were more
vulnerable which led to them eventually breaking off around the hinge. If you were walking with your rifle slung around your shoulder, and did not notice the caps open, they could break off while rubbing on your clothing or branches. After this exact scenario happened a few times, I
gave up on them, and will not use them anymore. I might try a different design or brand in the future, but right now I just use a neoprene cover that is easily removable from my scope. It should be able to keep debris and snow off the lenses, although it remains to be seen how it deals
with moisture in the rain.

Positives: Inexpensive.
Negatives: Fragile/ bad design.
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Posted November 19, 2013 by Justin Ott

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