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Brunton Optics

The Brunton Group manufactures a host of outdoor products for enthusiastic customers located all over the USA, Canada, and Europe. The company offers several products such as portable power, navigation, lights, and optics to make life easier in harsh surroundings.

Company History

Brunton came into existence way back in 1894 when D.W.Brunton invented the Pocket Transit, which was a portable and precise compass. This invention released outdoor enthusiasts from carrying bulky compass units that were the only option at that time. The company went on to release several innovative products over the years and the drive to excel still holds true today just as it did during 1894. The company’s US headquarters are located at the foot of the Wind River range, which offers an excellent location to test their pioneering products as well as get inspired to come up with new ones.

Company Products

Brunton has already established its name with products that range from the flagship compass range that now includes the Geo Pocket Transit, and the GPS enabled Get Back GPS, among others.
The company also offers portable power products that use hydrogen, solar, and regular

electricity to deliver power when needed most in the outdoors. Brunton additionallyoffers lighting equipment that includes headlamps and tasklamps, among others.

However, it is the optics range from Brunton that provides unbelievable clarity to enthusiastic hunters, campers, hikers, and nature lovers alike. The company offers a panoramic range of specialty binoculars, riflescopes, and spotting scopes for specific needs.

Notable among the binocular range from Brunton is the Epoch MD. This model incorporates nitrogen gas inside the housing to prevent fogging and also features the MaxDef optical system for rich contrast and lifelike colors. The Epoch MD also features inter-changeable twist-up eyecups, rubber armored body over magnesium housing, and phase corrected SK prisms to handle the rough with ease while providing crystal-clear images. Other products in the binocular range are the Epoch, Eterna, Echo, and Lite-Tech.

Brunton also offers the Epoch MD Spotting Scope that offers 20x60 and 25x50 magnification. These scopes are available in straight or angled versions to cater to specific requirements. Other features include full-multi coating, MaxDef SD Objective lenses, ColorMax color enhancing, LumiMax light gather technology, ContraMax anti-
reflective coating, VaporMax water repellent lens system, and many more.

Brunton offers riflescopes in their Eterna and Echo lines. The Eterna range includes models such as the Eterna BDC Reticle and the Eterna Duplex Reticle. The Echo riflescope range includes models such as The MIL-Dot Reticle, ECHO BDC Reticle, and the ECHO Duplex Reticle.

The company also offers the Lite Tech Monocular that deliver 8x22 magnification. Their Echo Monocular range includes models such as the Echo Zoom Monocular and the Echo Pocket Scope.

Brunton optics also offers several optical accessories such as the Brunton Monopod, Aluminum Tripod, Brunton Camera Adapter, Epoch Leather Case, Carbon Fiber Tripod, Window Mount, and the SLR Digiscoping Adapter, among others.

Brunton has certainly been at the forefront in merging high technology with ever-
changing and exacting needs of outdoor enthusiasts. The company delivers products that are extremely tough, durable, practical, and stylish as well. Any avid outdoor enthusiast buying a Brunton product usually ends up turning into a fan for life.


Posted April 08, 2014 by Justin Ott

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