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Brunton Camp Stoves and Camping Products

The Brunton Group manufactures a wide range of products for the outdoors which includes Brunton camp stoves and camping products offered under the Primus brand.

The company offers innovative and tough products to customers in the USA, Canada, and Europe. Brunton also owns other brands such as Fjallraven and Hanwag.

Company History

The humble Primus stove was invented in 1892 by Frans Wilhelm Lindqvist and Johan Viktor Svenson, both of whom were from Scandinavia. This portable stove allowed adventurers all around the globe to cook food and heat items in a far more efficient manner. Over the years, the name Primus became generic and a select few companies improved the original design to help campers extract the most out of their stoves.

Primus has its headquarters in the Brunton Group located in Riverton, Wyoming, USA by the side of the Wind River range. This location acts as a testing ground as well as inspires the company to come up with innovative products to make life easier for outdoor enthusiasts.

Brunton Raptor Camp StoveCompany Products

Primus offers a wide range of products that include Stoves, Lanterns, Cookware, Camp Kitchen, Flashlights, Mats, Shelters, and other related gear.

The company’s stove range includes Backpacking Stoves such as the Omnifuel Stove that run on single and multi fuel such as butane, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and aviation fuel too. The single fuel stove includes the Express Stove model that runs on their 4 Season Mix gas that contains propane, isobutane, and butane. Other models in the Backpacking Stove range include the Primus Eta Express, Eta Power, Express Stove, and many others.

Primus from Brunton also offers Family Stoves that use butane or propane as fuel. The company’s FireHole stoves offer several innovative features such as a cook timer, on-board light, recessed control knobs, integrated fuel line, and much more. Other models such as the Profile Stove, Profile Dual, and Njord 2 Burner are also available in this range.

Primus ExpressStoveCamping products available from Primus include a wide range of Lanterns that use LEDs for greater efficiency and lower power consumption. Lanterns also include their Backpack range and Camp range that run on fuel such as butane and propane.Campers also require cookware to cook food on stoves made by Primus. The company offers several cookware products that include sporks, titanium pots, stainless steel pans, anodized aluminum pots and pans, Eta series of pots, and various other utensils and accessories.

The Primus brand from Brunton also includes camp kitchen equipment such as spice jars, food vacuum bottles, tea and coffee kettles, lunch jugs, meal sets, mugs, and drinking bottles, among others.

One more essential camping product is the Primus Polaris 360 Flashlight that doubles up as a lantern upon pulling or pushing the reflector. This flashlight runs on 3 AAA batteries and is water resistant.

For camping enthusiasts that love the outdoors, safety and convenience can be ensured by using brunton camp stoves and camping products that are available under the Primus brand. The company offers essential products that not only look stylish, but are also extremely tough and durable to last for many years under adverse conditions.


Posted February 25, 2014 by Justin Ott

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